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    Attempted armed robbery in Sunbury

    SUNBURY — Police are investigating an attempted armed robbery Monday afternoon in Sunbury. According to Sunbury Police, two white males demanded money from a female in the parking lot of the Turkey Hill on North Fourth Street in the city. The incident occurred just after 1:00p.m. when one of the men reportedly showed the female a knife. The men then fled the scene. No injuries have been reported. The two men have been identified by police, and are described as white males around 6 feet tall.  Police continue to search for the suspects. (Codi Jade/Sara Bartlett)

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    Susquehanna Greenway hosting Scenes and Sips

    DANVILLE — The picturesque scenes of The Valley can turn anyone into a photographer — and you are invited to take in some of the views during a photo gallery reception in Danville. The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership is hosting “Scenes and Sips” at Old Forge Brewing Company.   Bridget Kane is the Membership and Volunteer Coordinator, “Every year we hold a photo contest, and the winners of the contest have their photos framed in a traveling gallery. For the entire month of November it is going to be at Old Forge Brewing Company. We are going to be having a little reception to welcome the gallery to Old Forge. All the photos will be up,…

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    Three-time Super Bowl champ speaks at SU

    SELINSGROVE – A former New England Patriot and 3-time Super Bowl champion will be the guest speaker at Susquehanna University tonight, teaching people how to be active bystanders.  The program entitled “Hero in Jeans” is sponsored by Susquehanna University Counseling Center and features football player and cancer survivor Joe Andruzzi.   The program is part of the “Step Up” initiative on campus, teaching students how they can help others by speaking out. Cheryl Stumpf of the Counseling Center says, “Eighty percent of our students reported they feel a personal responsibility towards making our campus a safe campus.  But often times they just don’t know how to do it, so we have given them a vehicle…

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    Fire destroys garages in Northumberland

    NORTHUMBERLAND – Joe Latora of Northumberland says by the time he called 911 Sunday night, his garage and two others were already up in flames. The fire started around 8:00p.m. on Westway Avenue near Seventh Street, and drew a large response while firefighters worked for about four hours to battle the fire. Latora tells us that he owned one of the garages, which was destroyed. He had two vehicles destroyed as well. Two others adjoining garages were destroyed; their owners were not identified. Northumberland Fire Chief Brian Crebs says the fire was accidental, and the cause is still undetermined. Crebs says there was a wood burner in the center garage, which is where the fire…

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    Lewisburg man charged in stabbing

    LEWISBURG – A stab to the head was “potentially fatal.” That was the determination of an Evangelical Community Hospital doctor when seeing 27-year-old Corey Lauver of Lewisburg early Sunday morning. Lauver was the victim in a stabbing outside a bar in Lewisburg around 3:45a.m. 21-year-old Elliot Fisher of Lewisburg is in Union County Prison charged with attempted murder. Police say the incident started at the bar in the 100 block of Market Street when Fisher was asked by the bartender to leave, after making strong advances to a female at the bar. When Fisher left the bar, he and Lauver reportedly exchanged “strong words.” It was shortly after that, the bartender heard a commotion on…

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VIDEO HERE: Local doctor talks Enterovirus

DANVILLE –Some good news for parents, children, doctors, and hospitals.  In the past few months, children across the country have been treated for a virus called enterovirus 68, but the cases will soon decline in our area. Dr. Michael Ryan is chair of pediatrics at the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital at Geisinger Medical Center, “As the weather gets cold, enteroviruses migrate to colder weather.  Therefore, we are just about over with the enteroviral season.  Hopefully, it will bring an end to all this misery that we have had for the last month or two.” Dr. Ryan says they have had a number of suspected enterovirus cases at Geisinger, “The test that we use that tests…


VIDEO HERE: Barletta: Airstrikes needed to happen months ago

SUNBURY – Airstrikes against ISIS should have happened months ago.  That is according to U.S. Congressman Lou Barletta (R-11), who says he supports the president’s initiative, but is not confident it will work. Speaking in Sunbury, Barletta says, “For over a year now, we have been talking about doing something to try and stop them when they were a small group of 1,500.  Now they are over 30,000.  They are well funded and have made it clear that they are coming to the United States to attack us.  I support the president in the airstrikes, but I do believe it was a little late.  Nonetheless, the option of doing nothing was not a good choice…


VIDEO HERE: Restoring records in Northumberland County

SUNBURY – History fills the basement of the Northumberland County Courthouse in Sunbury.  It is where documents, dating back to the 1700’s are stored. Mary Zimmerman, Register and Recorder in Northumberland County says, “Everything that has ever been recorded in the county, in this office, is down there.  Deeds, mortgages, orphan’s court, marriages licenses, all documents recorded in this office have to be kept for historical and legal purposes.  We have marriage records from the 1800’s and orphans court records from the 1700’s.” Prothonotary Justin Dunkelberger adds, “We have lien dockets and appearance dockets from the 1880’s and 1890’s.  Four vaults contain all of these documents.” Even now, the vaults look more organized than they…