Lewisburg chorus to sing in D.C.


LEWISBURG — The Lewisburg Area High School Chorus has something to sing about this December — inWashington D.C.  The U.S. Department of the Interior recently chose Lewisburg to perform at the 2012 National Christmas Tree Music Program at a park adjacent to the White House on December 11 at 8p.m. Hannah Koss, an alto in the chorus, said, “It’s a big deal.  It’s a big opportunity. It’s a privilege so we are real excited and we realize that we have to know our music better than usual and memorize it all.” The group will be exploring museums for the first part of their trip, then practicing and performing for thousands of visitors viewing the National…

Northumberland County to stop constable services to police


SUNBURY –Northumberland Countywill stop providing constables to local police departments.  The decision was made Tuesday by Northumberland County Commissioners.  Rick Shoch was the lone ‘no’ vote to the issue. The county hopes to save more than $100,000 with the move, but local police say it will cost them thousands of dollars to make up for the lost service.  The county is not required to, but may choose to provide constables to transport prisoners to magistrate court appearances. Shoch believes this issue is worth pursuing. “We’ve talked to local police partners as well as local officials about this,” said Shoch. “I believe this is going to, while it may come out of our budget, ultimately cost…

Another chairman switch in Northumberland County


SUNBURY — Each Northumberland County Commissioner has now had a chance to be chairman.  Commissioners Tuesday voted to temporarily make Steve Bridy the chairman of the commissioners’ board.  Former chairman Vinny Clausi stepped down while he is out of the office undergoing and recovering from surgery.  Clausi says he expects to be running county business from home in a few weeks.  Commissioner Rick Shoch was the first chairman of the board, but was voted out of the position in May, giving Clausi the position. Follow

Three senior centers to close in Northumberland County

nor co

SUNBURY — Northumberland County Commissioners have voted to close three senior centers in the interest of an improved countywide fiscal policy. The senior action centers in Elysburg, Dewart and Riverside will close effective Jan. 31, 2013.  The Northumberland County Agency on Aging Director Pat Rumberger said she couldn’t see keeping seniors on waiting lists for critical services, while senior centers haven’t faced many cutbacks. Rumberger said the centers aren’t far from existing, remaining centers and that transportation remains to an issue.  “As of December 1, we will no longer be funding transportation for anybody under 65,” said Rumberger. “That is not enough.”  With new legislation AAA will lose $170,000 by Dec. 31, one of the…

Bucknell testing their outdoor emergency system


LEWISBURG – Bucknell University will be testing their outdoor emergency notification systems tomorrow (Wednesday) and those living near the campus may hear the address. University officials said the message will likely be heard around 9 a.m. by neighbors in residential areas around the campus, including on both sides of Route 15. During the test, a message will be broadcast over the campus-wide public address system. It is only a test. (Ali Stevens) Follow

Benefit concert is planned for Hurricane Sandy victims

Rock for Relief

SUNBURY – Some local musicians have planned a benefit concert to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims. Members of the band Counterfeit Dreams have put together the event called Rock for Relief, which will take place December 8th at the Sunbury Elks Club.   The night will also feature music from bands such as Timothy’s Burden, Jesse, Hour of Judgment and Big Al & the High tones. Butch Showers of Northumberland is a member of Counterfeit Dreams and says he is looking forward to the show. Showers said, “We are just glad to help. It’s just nice to have a bunch of good local musicians that are willing to come out and help.”   Those who attend…

Shamokin man pleads guilty to sexually assaulting a girl

SUNBURY – A Shamokin man accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in Coal Township has pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors. The News Item reports 34-year-old Shaine Wyland entered the plea on Monday before Northumberland County President Judge Robert Sacavage. As part of a plea agreement, additional charges of statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor and indecent assault will not be prosecuted at sentencing if Sacavage agrees to the plea agreement. Follow

Youth group learns about homelessness


SELINSGROVE – The youth group from Wesley United Methodist Church of Selinsgrove will be sleeping outside in cardboard boxes to learn more about what it’s like to be homeless. Colin Hoke and David Klinger are both part of the youth group at Wesley United Methodist and have both participated in the Sleep Out for the Homeless event before. Hoke said, “This our 11th year doing this. Half of the money collected will go to Haven Ministries and Elijah’s Bowl. The other half will support our annual mission trip. We go to inner cities and support shelters and soup kitchens.” They will be sleeping outside in the parking lot at Aubrey Alexander Toyota along Routes 11…

NFF: Foot surgery forces woman to seek help


All too often, families managing to get by in these poor economic times sink when hit hard by unexpected medical issues.  Robin Cramer, of Watsontown, was staying economically afloat, holding down two jobs, until she needed to have foot surgery in early October. Though she will be returning to her jobs when she is able, being unable to work meant being unable to pay her rent and utility bills when they came due. A daughter, one of her three children, lives with her but only works part-time, and the loss of income severely hurt them both. When the Halloween storms knocked out what power was left, she stayed with her son and his family in…

Unit 2 at nuclear power plant disconnected


BERWICK – Operators at Unit 2 at PPL’s Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant have disconnected the unit from the regional power grid, shortly after returning the unit to service. Unit 2 was disconnected yesterday because of a hydraulic oil leak in a system that controls the flow of steam into the turbine. The reactor was manually shut down and operators are investigating the cause of the oil leak. The oil leak is not affecting employee or public safety and is contained to the turbine building. Unit 1 is operating as normal at the plant near Berwick. (Ali Stevens) Follow