Selinsgrove board reelects president Spiegel


Selinsgrove school board Monday set a new policy on the boards organization, and make up. They nominated and reelected Paul Spiegel, Jr. as board president and designating the new V.P., as Roger Sheesley. Superintendent of the Selinsgrove Area School District Chad Cohrs speaks about working with the other directors as an ex officio member of the board. “They complement each other very well,” Cohrs said. “As a nine-member elected board of officials, I serve as an ex officio member. I have no voting power; all I can do is make recommendations and give suggestions to the other members, let them take the available information and make a decision that is in the best interest of the…

Geisinger and Lewistown Hospital consider merger


DANVILLE– Geisinger Health System and Lewistown Hospital have signed a non-binding letter of intent to explore ways the organizations can work together.  With the signing of the letter of intent, Lewistown Hospital and Geisinger can now move into a process to explore the possibilities of working together in greater detail or consider a possible merger.  They say the process could take several months. Lewistown Hospital President and CEO Kay Hamilton said, “The healthcare environment not only in the Juniata Valley, but throughout the state and across the country continues to evolve and it’s our responsibility to take the appropriate steps, and best position the organization,  to provide quality medical services to our patients well into…

Funding for 911 systems could soon dry up


MIDDLEBURG – Snyder County Commissioner Malcolm Derk is very concerned about the funding of 911 systems in the county in the future. Derk spoke at this week’s commissioner meeting about what he called a “crisis” for 911 funding streams from the state. He explained what is causing the funding decrease. Derk said, “There are a decreasing number of landline telephones across the country. There is a surcharge on each of those landlines that goes to fund 911. That revenue has continually dropped.” Derk said, “The funding stream that comes in from cell phones is more restrictive the way the legislation is written and it’s not as much as landline surcharges. It doesn’t cover the costs….

Snyder County Commissioners may raise taxes

Sny Co Comm.

MIDDLEBURG – Snyder County Commissioners have adopted a tentative budget for 2013 with a slight tax increase possible. The tentative budget shows it has grown slightly from about $15.6-million to $16-million. That would mean a .5 (half) mill increase is possible, but the commissioners hope to make some cuts in the days ahead to balance the budget.   Chairman Joe Kantz said, “As much as I worried about this budget, it’s never good when it goes up, but unfortunately costs have gone up. With what we have to work with, what we have right now tentatively is responsible. Obviously, we are going to have to tweak it and there may be some more cuts. There…

Two minor injuries after school bus accident


MIDDLEBURG — Two minor injuries were reported after a school bus and vehicle accident Tuesday morning in Middleburg.  The school bus, driven by 27-year-old David Crossgrove of Middleburg, was on Route 522 around7:30a.m.when 48-year-old Irene Walter of Middleburg drove into the path of the bus while pulling out from Dock  Hill Road.  There were eleven students on the bus and one suffered a minor injury.  Walter also suffered a minor injury. (Sara Bartlett) Follow

NFF: One paycheck and a baby on the way

needyfamily copy

SUNBURY — Sheila is due to deliver her third child on Christmas Eve, and while that will be a happy occasion for her family, it also poses more financial challenges.  That’s partly why the Sunbury mother, 29, and her husband, 28, are seeking assistance this year through the Salvation Army and the Needy Family Fund. Her husband works in construction, so while she estimates their monthly income at $1,400, it can vary from week to week, depending on his job. He could earn as little as $100 a week, she said.  The family receives $196 a month in food stamps, but the monthly bills include a mortgage payment of $464, a water-sewer bill of $90…

NFF: Single mom wants nice holiday for son


SUNBURY — Sometimes, things spiral out of control despite a family’s best intentions.  Linda, a Mifflinburg single mother who asked that her last name not be used, said she was laid off in 2009 and has been working at part-time jobs ever since.  Almost in tears Linda says she can’t find a full-time job. She thanks God, that she has been able to keep her home, but some months, she says she has a lot of trouble meeting the mortgage payment. She has an 11-year-old son.  She says she doesn’t want anything for herself this holiday, she just wants her son to enjoy the holiday season, just like his school friends.  She says he likes…

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Shik appoints new Director of Ed.

SUNBURY — The Shikellamy School Board voted on Monday to appoint a new Director of Education.  Abbey Walshaw-Wertz was unanimously chosen to fill the position.  She is currently the middle school principal in the Upper Dauphin Area School District.   Superintendent Patrick Kelley spoke very highly of Walshaw-Wertz.  He said, “We are very thankful that we now have a Director of Ed.  Abbey Walshaw-Wertz comes to us with a great deal of experience and we are glad to have her work with us.”   Walshaw-Wertz received the appointment with a smile.   She said, “I’m very excited to be working for Shikellamy and working with the staff here to be giving our students the best education…

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    KINGSTON, Pa. (AP) – A ruptured gas line forced the evacuation of an elementary school and several homes in a northeastern Pennsylvania town. Workers from Pennsylvania American Water Co. were repairing a water line in Kingston when they inadvertently hit the underground gas line Monday morning. Officials say the gas line wasn’t marked properly. Students from Schuyler Avenue Elementary School were taken to the middle school while a utility crew capped the ruptured lines. Residents evacuated temporarily and several businesses closed for a short time, too. There were no injuries.   HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – State Senate Republican leader Dominic Pileggi is renewing his call for Pennsylvania to change the way it counts…