Two injured in car accident


MILTON– Two people were injured in an intersection car accident.  Milton State Police say 21-year-old Amanda Ackley of Millmont encroached into the intersection of Creek Road and Millmont Road before coming to a complete stop.  Her vehicle was then hit in the front by another vehicle driven by 46-year-old Larry Schlegel of Millmont.  The crash occured around 9:50a.m. Friday morning. Ackley was wearing her seatbelt and was not injured in the accident.  Schlegal and his passenger, 69-year-old Vernon Schlegal of Mifflinburg, were not wearing their seatbelts.  Larry sustained minor injuries and Vernon sustained moderate injuries.  Both vehicles were towed from the scene.  (Codi Jade) Follow

Dirt bike theft in Milton

MILTON– Police are investigating a motorcycle theft.  Milton State Police say they are looking for the person who stole a green Baja Dirtrunner 90cc dirt bike. It was stolen from a Milton home sometime between 11:00p.m. Wednesday and 10:00a.m. Thursday.  Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call state police in Milton.  (Codi Jade) Follow

Rare Disagreement on Lewisburg School Board

Lewisburg Area school board

LEWISBURG –Tensions ran high among members of the Lewisburg Area School board during a hearing Thursday on the proposed designs for the new high school. The heated discussion took place between board members Mary Howe and Edward Zych. “There was a little bit of a clash between two of our board members,” said President Kathy Swope. “It was brief, but developed over the topic of our facilities issue.” Their dispute related to whether athletic fields or the building itself should be completed first. The projected $30 million building is expected to be done by 2015. Some initial facility approvals are necessary before next year’s budget can be adopted. The issue does not need to be…

Fair Trade Festival at SU


SELINSGROVE – This is the 6th year for the Fair Trade Festival at Susquehanna University. Festival committee member and senior Kelsey Fitting says they sell goods and take out the middle man. “The people that make the food and items are getting paid fair wages for what they are doing. We like to promote this, especially around the holidays.” Fitting says they have a number of food items as well as handmade goods for sale. “Our handmade items come from 10,000 Villages, the Devine Chocolate is the organization we buy and sell from, the Equal Exchange is the kind of coffee we sell and we also get things from Heifer International where people can buy…

History prof talks Pearl Harbor

SELINSGROVE — Today is the 71st anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  David Imhoof is an Associate Professor of History at Susquehanna University.  He talked about the significance of this date.  He said, “I think it was a really critical pivot point, and a starting point to the United States becoming a real global super power.” Imhoof said, “The most interesting part of the Pearl Harbor attack for me is the fact that it was the first time that an international conflict came to the United   States.  The U.S. had been involved in previous international conflicts, but this was an international conflict that came to one of the U.S. territories and forced the…

Early dismissal for UDA

GRATZ — The Upper Dauphin Area School District will be dismissing early today due to a power outage.  The middle school and high school have dismissed at 2:00p.m.  The elementary school will dismiss at 3:00p.m.  (Codi Jade) Follow

PANDAs against unfair treatment


SUNBURY — PANDAs don’t appreciate unfair treatment.  PANDA — People Against the National Defense Act — works to expose the hidden truth.  Dan Johnson is a founder of PANDA.  At age 19 he travels around the country exposing the faults of the National Defense Act. Johnson said while the act in general is good, it also allows for some very unfair treatment. He said, “It authorizes the indefinite detention ofAmerican citizens with charge or trial.  It also allows the extraordinary rendition of taking you off to a third world country and torturing you.  And the biggest thing is, it makes America a battle field by placing us under the laws of war.” Johnson said the…

Selinsgrove man charged with kerosene theft


SELINSGROVE – A Selinsgrove man has been charged with stealing kerosene from a Selinsgrove convenience store.  Police say 63-year-old James Gesselman failed to pay for kerosene nine different times between October and December.  The stolen amount was over $190. (Sara Bartlett) Follow

Preliminary budget is adopted in Northumberland County


SUNBURY – Northumberland County Commissioners have adopted an $82.3-million preliminary budget for 2013, but it was a split vote. Commissioners Vinny Clausi and Stephen Bridy voted in favor of the plan, with a projected 2.5-mill increase. Commissioner Rick Shoch opposed it, stating earlier this week he could not vote in favor of a tax increase because he believes Clausi owes the county more than $6-million, based on his actions over the past five years. Clausi and Bridy also adopted next year’s schedule of county meetings. Shoch voted against that too because he believes four meetings, rather than two, should be held in the evening to better accommodate the public. (Ali Stevens) Follow

Man found dead in a burning car


DANVILLE – The investigation is underway to identify a man found dead in a burning car on Wednesday off Baldtop Road in Montour County. The Press Enterprise reports the car was found fully involved in flames around 4:45 a.m. in a parking area near the state game lands entrance. An autopsy is scheduled for today and they will try to use dental records or DNA testing for identification. Lynn said the death does not appear to be suspicious. (Ali Stevens) Follow