How school districts are handling the day after a school massacre


SELINSGROVE – It’s a challenging day for school districts across the country following the school shooting in Connecticut on Friday.  Chad Cohrs is superintendent in the SelinsgroveSchool District and explains how they prepared for today. Cohrs said, “All of the building administrators met with their faculty. We do not hold large-group or class discussions on the topic.  There are some parents who are keeping their children shielded from the events, which is certainly one approach, so we don’t want to be discussing it with them.” And if the students do already know about the shooting and need to talk, there is help available. Cohrs said, “Either the teacher will talk with that student individually or…

NFF: Milton woman hopes to make her son’s Christmas special

needyfamily copy

UNDATED — In today’s Needy Family Fund story, a single mother and her 12-year-old son are living off her student loan money while she finishes her master’s degree program.  After three years at her school, she will be graduating in May with a master’s degree in special and elementary education.  Bills and all other finances are carefully budgeted.  The woman said, “There’s no going out for pizza.  Until I get done with school, things have been really, really tight.” The woman has turned to the Needy Family Fund for assistance this year.  She has asked for donations from Toys for Tots for her son’s Christmas gifts this year.  He is hoping for a bike, legos…

NFF: Grandmother asking for help


MILTON – A grandmother caring for her 11-year old granddaughter has applied for aid from the Salvation Army this year.  “This is the first time I went to the Salvation Army for help,” said the grandmother, who did not want her family’s name published. “I’m hoping to get a basket from them.” Her granddaughter is living with her after the girl was removed from the care of her mother in November 2011. The girl’s mother was a drug abuser, the grandmother said.  The process of making the grandmother the girl’s legal guardian began two weeks ago. The girl’s mother has not bothered to get in touch with caseworkers at all, the grandmother said. | “It’s…

Fire Sunday morning in White Deer Township

WATSONTOWN – Fire officials are investigating a fire at a home in White Deer Township on Sunday morning.  The fire started at 6:19 a.m. at 9 Meadowvale Drive.  Crews were on the scene for more than an hour putting out the fire.  Warrior Run, Milton and Lewisburg firefighters assisted at the scene.  No injuries were reported.  (Ali Stevens) Follow

Burglar jailed in Sunbury


SUNBURY — A Sunbury man is in jail after breaking into a city store.  38-year-old Chad Wolfe is facing a number of charges after he broke the window at the PA Dutch Market Sunday afternoon and stole more than $300 from the store.  A number of people witnessed Wolfe in the closed store. Police caught up with Wolfe on Third Street where he was arrested. He was arraigned before District Judge Ben Apfelbaum.  Wolfe faces charges of burglary, criminal trespass, theft and receiving stolen property.  He is in Northumberland County Prison on $75,000 bail.  State Police along with Northumberland, Sunbury, Point Township and Selinsgrove police responded to the scene. (Sara Bartlett)   Follow