Code violation forces council member to resign


NORTHUMBERLAND — A Northumberland Borough Council member gave his resignation on Tuesday night, after serving for less than a month. Christopher Wolfe was elected on January 15, but due to a discovered code violation, he was forced to leave his seat on council. According to Borough Code Article IX Vacancies in Office, anyone appointed to office must have been a resident of the borough for one full year.  Wolfe has only been a resident of Northumberland since he bought his home in July of 2012. During the meeting, 37-year-old Wolfe read his letter of resignation.  He said, “I did not mean to mislead the borough… Unfortunately I had to resign from my seat on council. …

Laundry detergent pods a hazard for kids

DANVILLE – Hospitals across the country have seen a rise in children accidentally ingesting laundry detergent and the issue is now local.  Geisinger Medical Center reports that in recent weeks, they have seen a significant number of pediatric patients who have ingested Tide Pods and similar colorful detergent packs.  Children have become very ill by eating these packets. The American Association of Poison Control Centers have been reporting a recent surge in calls about these types of packets.  They say, to some children the bright colors and bite-size item looks like candy.  There are warnings on the products’ websites that say to keep them out of the reach of children and to dispose of the…

Governor gives 2013-2014 budget address


HARRISBURG — Transportation, pension reform, education, jobs, healthcare and agriculture were all topics touched upon during Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett’s 2013-2014 budget address Tuesday.  Here are some of the points: Governor Tom Corbett says his budget plans to inject nearly $2 billion of additional funding into the state’s transportation system. Calling it the “bloodstream of our economy,” Corbett says he is calling on the legislature to pass a 17% reduction in the flat liquid fuels tax.  In addition, he is recommending a five-year phase out of an artificial cap on the tax paid by oil and gas companies on the wholesale price of gasoline. The governor unveiled a pension reform plan to address the state’s…

Governor asks Federal Government for Medicaid Reform

tom corbett

HARRISBURG – Governor Tom Corbett today sent a letter requesting the federal government begin efforts toward serious reform of a the Medicaid program. He made the announcement during his budget address in Harrisburg. Corbett said, “Washington is asking us to expand Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act, without any clear guidance for reasonable assurances. Today I sent a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, advising her of our position. We need to work together to provide access to greater and affordable health care for all Pennsylvania families. However, Washington must provide a clear answer about what this expansion would cost the taxpayers of our state.” Corbett said the Medicaid…

River Towns Race Series continues to grow in 2013

Rivertown race

  DANVILLE – The River Towns Race Series is popular with area runners with a number of events planned in 2013. Bob Stout is Director of the Montour Area Recreation Commission and says the series has made quite a financial impact for the area.   Stout said, “We’re funded in part through the county commissioner’s tourism fund. It’s really important that we develop tourism potential, so that’s a large part of our mission. As we did the numbers for last year, as we did the numbers for last year, we did an estimated $234,000 overall direct economic impact with the series last year.”   The River Town Race Series will feature the Humdinger Trail Runs…

Commissioner responds to Sunshine Law suit

vinny clausi

SUNBURY – Northumberland County Commissioner Vinny Clausi has been sued by a Coal Township resident who claims Clausi violated the Sunshine Law. William Knapick claims Clausi imposed a two-minute limit for public comment at a January 22nd commissioner’s meeting, but no motion was made or approved by the board to limit the time.   Knapick was cut off after about a minute of speaking at the most recent commissioner’s meeting when he brought up complaints about trees being cut down at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area. Clausi says Knapick needed to be cut off because he keeps repeating himself.   Clausi said, “The reason I shut it down, was because every meeting he comes to…

State prison for a Lewisburg man charged with arson

norry hook and ladder truck fire

SUNBURY — A former firefighter from the Potts Grove Fire Department has been sentenced to 4 to 9 years in prison for setting fire to a barn and a truck near Milton. 35-year-old Charles Jacobs, formerly of Lewisburg, admitted in November to setting the fires.   He is also serving time in prison for fires he set in Montour County. He was sentenced to 81 months to 18 years in prison for setting fires at two homes, a barn and a field in Montour County. A co-defendent,19-year-old Zane Snyder of the Milton area, was also sentenced to 58 months to 17 years in Montour County. (Ali Stevens)   Follow

Charges dropped against Sunbury man accused of rape

SUNBURY — Some charges have been dropped against a Sunbury man accused of raping his ex-girlfriend. The News Item reports 34-year-old Benjamin Scheller was released on time-served after he was sentenced to nine months in prison Monday on charges of terroristic threats, unlawful restraint and simple assault. Felony charges of rape, sexual assault and other charges were dropped as part of a plea agreement.   Scheller was sent to prison after he was accused of pulling a gun on his ex-girlfriend November 27th of 2011 and tying the woman to a chair to sexually assault her. The incident took place at the victim’s home in Point Township. Scheller was released on $1.00 bail in December…

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Isle of Que boat launch repairs still on hold

isle of que

SELINSGROVE – Work to repair the boat launch on the Isle of Que remains on hold. At last night’s Selinsgrove Borough Council meeting, it was discussed that the work is still on hold until the State Department of Environmental Protection issues necessary permits. The boat ramp along Front Street has been closed to the public for about two years. The borough received a grant from the Fish and Boat Commission for $40,000, but it can’t be used until the DEP issues their permits. (Kyle Gaugler) Follow