A major winter storm will basically miss us


SUNBURY – The Valley will enjoy some wintery weather tomorrow but no where near the blizzard like conditions expected in Northeastern US. Our AccuWeather forecast calls for a 1 to 3 inch snow fall with some mixed precipitation tomorrow. The National Weather Service did issue a Winter Storm warning for our region with far more snow expected to our north. Stay tuned for the latest AccuWeather forecast on WKOK and the WinterNet computer updates with delays, cancellations and postponements. PennDOT, Municipal and local road crews say they are preparing for tomorrow’s storm and are ready to keep roads clear. Follow

Video Here: Knowing what your heart is trying to tell you


SUNBURY – When you are having pains in your chest, how do you know when to seek medical attention? Dr. Petra Lynch is a Geisinger Interventional Cardiologist and a member of Evangelical Community Hospital’s cardiac care team. She first explained the symptoms, which includes chest pains, a burning sensation, shortness of breath and discomfort. Dr. Lynch said, “Do you get these symptoms when you exert yourself and do they go away when you rest. Do you have leg cramping when you walk for a long period of time and do they go away when you stop walking. Do you get short of breath? Does it feel like you are having a hard time breathing and…

Winter storm warning for Friday

SUNBURY — We could be in for some wintery weather tomorrow.  The National Weather Service has posted a Winter Storm Warning for the northern part of our region. AccuWeather is predicting 1 to 3 inches of show. A winter storm warning is in effect from 7:00a.m. Friday through 7:00a.m. Saturday.  (Codi Jade) Follow

Female drives into post office


WEST MILTON — A post office is closed after a customer crashed into it on Wednesday.  According to police, a female driver crashed her SUV into the West Milton post office after confusing the gas pedal with the brake pedal. The woman was entering a parking spot in front of the building when she accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake.  The woman was uninjured, but the building sustained enough damage to be deemed unsafe.  The retail end of the post office is closed today.  West Milton post office clerk Lori Metzger said being open at full capacity is a high priority, and they hope to be back in business as soon as possible….

Man hits a fire truck and flees

BLOOMSBURG — A driver smacked a fire truck and fled last month.  According to Bloomsburg State Police, 45-year-old Troy Schoffler of Aristes was driving south on Route 42 at a high rate of speed on January 28. Schoffler was attempting to negotiate a right hand curve near Centralia in ColumbiaCounty around 5:40p.m., when he stuck the driver side wheel well of a fire truck.  The fire truck was parked off the roadway on the southbound shoulder in response to an earlier crash. Schoffler quickly turned his vehicle around and drove north on Route 42 to flee the scene.  He was later apprehended.  No one was injured in the hit and run.  (Codi Jade) Follow

Group analyzes Corbett budget


SUNBURY — As Governor Tom Corbett gave his budget address on Tuesday, not everyone can agree with the terms.  While the proposed budget may include some positive changes, one group believes those changes may crumble in the months to come. The Pennsylvania Budget and PolicyCenter is a group that analyzes spending in Harrisburg.  Executive Director Sharon Ward said Corbett’s budget is full of gimmicks. “What has happened this year is that there is a pension bill that’s due and Governor Corbett, like other governors before him, don’t want to pay it.  They would rather spend the money on something else.  That is one of the problems with this budget.  He is spending money from changes…

Prothonotary will not seek re-election


SUNBURY – Northumberland County Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts has announced she will not seek re-election this year. In a news release, Kathleen Wolfe-Strausser said she plans to retire at the conclusion of this year’s term. She said she and her office staff have faced “challenges and setbacks” because of cuts mandated by the county salary board.   Wolfe-Strausser said, “While other departments within the county had their staffs increased, my staff was constantly cut.” Wolfe-Strausser started in the prothonotary’s office in 1991 and served 15 years as chief deputy. When prothonotary Suzanne Vastine-Smith died in 2006, she took over the position.   Wolfe-Strausser then won election in 2007 to finish Vastine-Smith’s term and was…

Today on Newsradio 1070 WKOK

Today on WKOK: On The Mark 8:30am: Open phones talking about the Gov’s budget proposal. Sharon Ward, director of the Penna. Budget and Policy Center will react to the Gov’s budget. Dan Patrick 10am: To Be Announced. WKOK News Video midday-newscast at WKOK.com. Sara Bartlett talent, Kevin Herr producer. Mark Mahoney, indispensable. Michael Smerconish noon: Should states be allowed to collect and analyze DNA from people not yet convicted? Steve Jones 3pm: To Be Announced. WKOK News, AccuWeather and Sports. The day’s latest news with Codi Jade. The best of the best, and Sara Bartlett’s midday video newscast, on WKOK!   Follow

Bizarre case concludes with unusual end

Northumberland county coroner James Kelley

  SUNBURY – Remember we told you about the suspicious death in the Milton area in November? The woman’s son was a ‘person of interest? Then he died. A very unusual case has ended unusually. The Northumberland County Coroner has completed his investigation on the deaths of Mark and Vennie Boyles of Milton and has determined that both died from natural causes. James Kelley says 80-year-old Vennie Boyles was found dead in her home in Milton on November 4th. Her son, 55-year-old Mark Boyles, was a person of interest in the death investigation, when he was found dead in his car in parking lot in Milton on November 19.   Kelley says Vennie Boyles died…

Mount Carmel woman critical after crash

accident, crash

  COAL TOWNSHIP — Four people were hurt in a crash on Route 61 near Ranshaw Tuesday afternoon.  Police say an SUV driven by 60-year-old David Ratzlaff of Shamokin swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid another car turning.  Ratzlaff struck an oncoming vehicle driven by Howard Splitt Sr. of Mount Carmel.   Ratzlaff’s wife, 60-year-old Marilyn Ratzlaff, had to be cut from the vehicle.  Splitt was traveling with his mother, Hazle Rooney of Mt. Carmel, who is listed in critical condition at GeisingerMedicalCenter.  The Ratzlaff’s were treated and released from Geisinger.  Route 61 was closed for about an hour following the crash yesterday.  (Ali Stevens)     Follow