Energy expert talks shale and money


SUNBURY — There are many people that speak out for or against natural gas drilling, but one woman claims to be an objective energy expert.  Deborah Rogers is the founder of Energy Policy Forum, and she simply wants to provide everyone with the facts.   Rogers explained that shale is very expensive to drill for, so there has to be a very high price to make it cost-effective.  She said it is currently more profitable for the gas companies to export their product than it is to sell it here in the U.S.  “Our domestic price is about $3.50 or so for what they call a thousand cubic feet of gas.  In China, for instance,…

Wallet stolen from car in Northumberland County


SUNBURY — Police are investigating a theft from a motor vehicle in Northumberland County.  According to reports, someone allegedly broke a window and removed a wallet from a vehicle parked in front of a home on Sun Valley Drive in Upper Augusta Township.   The wallet theft occured sometime between 11:30p.m. Sunday night and 7:00a.m. this (Monday) morning.   Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call State Police in Stonington.  (Codi Jade)   Follow

Expanding a program for expectant mothers

Central Susquehanna Community Foundation

BLOOMSBURG – A grant was recently awarded to the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation to expand their Nurse-Family Partnership program, which provides expectant mothers a regular visit from a registered nurse until their child turns two. The program aims to use resources to help new mothers achieve a healthy pregnancy. Eric Dewald of the Community Foundation explains how the program works. Dewald said, “Nurses visit first-time moms, beginning before 28 weeks in their pregnancy, and they stay with the mom and the child until the child is age two. They visit the home from time to time during that time period. There is over 100 hours of instruction with the mother.” Dewald says positive outcomes of…

Mount Carmel man accused in strong-armed robbery


MOUNT CARMEL – A Mount Carmel man was sent to prison after police say he robbed another man in Mount Carmel last night. The News Item reports 22-year-old Jeffrey Huben is accused of asking a 40-year-old man for money on West Second Street around 8 last night. When the man reached for a wad of money, Huben reportedly grabbed all of it and ran away on foot.   He got away with $90 total. Police caught up with him at his home around 10:30 p.m. and he is charged with violating probation and robbery. The victim was not harmed in the incident. (Ali Stevens)   Follow

Mount Carmel woman found dead Sunday

MOUNT CARMEL – A woman was found dead near her car on Sunday in Mount Carmel Township. Mount Carmel Township police and Northumberland County Coroner James Kelley are investigating the death of 48-year-old Rochelle Steif of Mount Carmel. The woman was found dead around 5:55 p.m. near her car off of Route 901. It is not yet known how the woman died. The investigation continues. (Ali Stevens) Follow

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  On The Mark 8:30am: Maria Culp co-host. Call in from author Deborah Rogers on Wall Street manipulating natural gas prices, and 9am: Susquehanna Boy Scout Equality.   Dan Patrick 10am: Spring training, NASCAR, NBA,NHL and NFL updates. Maxim’s new covergirl.   Michael Smerconish noon: To be announced.   WKOK’s Steve Jones Show 3pm: Review of Shik’s basketball season and the wrestling outcomes, Bucknell men’s BB coach Dave Paulsen, PGA and MLB updates. Kevin does a 4-40…rant.   The best of the best, and Maria Culp, on WKOK!   Follow

Police searching for a pharmacy burglar in Middleburg


  MIDDLEBURG – State police are looking for a man in a black hoodie and black pants, who tried to break into a Middleburg Pharmacy early this morning. Troopers say the man tried to get into the pharmacy on East Main Street through a side door, but was unsuccessful.   He then used a hammer to try and break the front glass door, but that also didn’t work. The man fled the scene and left the hammer behind. He’s described as 6 feet tall and 150 pounds. Anyone with information on the attempted burglary around 4:45 this morning is asked to call State Police at Selinsgrove. (Ali Stevens)     Follow

Geisinger breaks silence with AP: Doc says money needed for Geisinger Study

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – A health study cited by leading environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as pivotal in helping persuade Gov. Andrew Cuomo to hold off on plans for a limited fracking pilot program is likely years away from conclusions about whether the shale gas-drilling technology is safe.   Andy Deubler, an executive vice president at Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, says the study is still in early planning stages with only a fraction of its necessary funding. He says it’s just one piece of a larger body of independent research just getting under way and seeking funding.   Geisinger has declined to allow WKOK to talk to Deubler and other’s involved in the study….

Latest Pennsylvania news, sports, business, and entertainment


  PITTSBURGH (AP) – What causes clear, fresh country well water to turn orange or black, or smell so bad that it’s undrinkable? Some residents of a small western Pennsylvania community say it was nearby fracking for natural gas. Others say it’s pollution from old coalmines. In addition, experts say it could even be a baffling mix of natural and manmade reasons that change the water over time, like the leaves change on trees. State officials and two federal agencies haven’t found evidence that gas drilling caused the problems. However, a Duquesne University team suspects that drilling may have indirectly affected groundwater. Local officials say they’re trying to bring water lines to the area, but…

A truck plunges off an I-80 bridge


  MILTON — Minor injuries when a truck plummeted off a bridge in Union County–and onto a road below. State troopers tell us, it happend around 4pm Sunday afternoon. An eastbound trucker lost control of his rig, it hit guard rails on a bridge over White Deer Pike.   The rig went over the side of the bridge, hit trees and came to rest on White Deer Pike, blocking that road for several hours. The trucker–who is not from Pennsylvania–was treated and released from Evangelical Community Hospital, according to state police.   Follow