GOP supervisors face-off at LWV function


East Buffalo supers face off in League event   LEWISBURG- Candidates Night saw two republicans running for Township Supervisor in EastBuffaloTownship participate in a question and answer session. Three republicans are running in the primary including two who appearred last night: Jack Buehner, and Michael Daniloff. One of them will most likely face democratic candidate Barbara Woodson this fall.   The event was hosted by the League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area. Jack Buehner, a Metso Mineral Inc. engineer and former co-owner of Hotel Edison in Sunbury saw his role in running for supervisor as a way to give back to a community that has given him so much. Michael Daniloff, former president…

Expanding background checks could save lives


SUNBURY — A local gun dealer believes background checks could be expanded to enhance public safety.   Matt Geiser, manager of Geiser Guns in Sunbury, said mental health issues are not revealed when people attempt to purchase firearms. “The mental illness situation is nothing that is checked in a criminal background check.  When we do records checks for firearms sales, we contact state police and they do a criminal background check.  Any kind of mental health records are sealed.  They cannot access that.” He said the gun buyer has the opportunity to be honest about their mental health, but they don’t always choose to. “Now the form asks you if you’ve ever been committed or had any mental-type…

Case Closed: Three acquitted in Seebold death


MIDDLEBURG — All three Snyder County men charged in the 1997 beating death of Donald Seebold III have been acquitted.  Sighs of relief from the family and friends of Ryan Sprenkel, Christopher Aucker and Robert Reich came from the Snyder County Courthouse Thursday as the verdicts were read. “I think the jury was very conscientious, they listened carefully and made the right decision,” said Defense Attorney Michael Rudinski.  The three men were acquitted of criminal homicide charges, conspiracy charges and perjury charges in Seebold’s death. Snyder County District Attorney Mike Piecuch said, “I’m disappointed, but I respect the jury’s verdict.  They did their jobs.” Piecuch and the prosecution argued that the three men were involved…

Keller explains redistricting’s impact locally

keller 2

  SELINSGROVE — Now that the state Supreme Court decided to uphold a revised plan to redraw the boundaries of Pennsylvania’s legislative districts, how will it impact our region? State representative Fred Keller talked about the changes that will take place in Union and Snyder County.   Keller explained, “In Union County, the 85th District loses Gregg and White Deer Townships and Garth Everett will be the representative there. In Snyder County, the 85th District will lose Chapman, Union and Washington Townships and the borough of Freeburg. They will go to the 108th District, which in Snyder County, is already Monroe Township and Shamokin Dam borough.”   He says he will gain another area of…

Prison board agrees new prison is needed


    SUNBURY – The Northumberland County prison board unanimously agreed that a new prison is needed in the county. The prison board met yesterday and decided they need to develop a plan for a new jail. The National Institute of Corrections will do free research to help develop a plan.   The prison board was pleased that a decision was made to move forward. Members of the board include Commissioners Stephen Bridy, Vinny Clausi and Rick Shoch, District Attorney Tony Rosini, Controller Anthony Phillips, Sheriff Chad Reiner, and Judge Robert Sacavage. (Ali Stevens) Follow

Valley gets 2.5 inches, more coming


  SUNBURY — The Valley has received over 2.5 inches of rain so far this week and more showers are on the way. WKOK’s rain gauge measured 2.58 inches by 11p.m. Wednesday. In Sunbury, the Hamilton and Reagan Street underpasses were closed for a time. They have since been reopened. The National Weather Service posted a flash flood watch for Thursday because of the possibliity of more ‘inches of rain.’ That means conditions are favorable for the formation of bank-full streams and possible flooding in low-lying areas. No major problems are reported from flooding. There were some streets and roads closed during the rain Wednesday. The DEP Evironthon and Purdy Golf Tournament were both postponed…