Couple moves to Florida without dogs


BLOOMSBURG — A couple is being charged with cruelty to animals, after moving to Florida without their dogs.  State Police in Bloomsburg are charging 37-year-old Robert Thrash and 34-year-old Heather Thrash, formerly of ColumbiaCounty.   Police received a tip this week about dogs being abandoned at a home on Bendertown   Road in FishingCreekTownship.  On Tuesday police entered the home and found three dogs inside.  The dogs, a German Shepherd, a German Shepherd mix, and a Chihuahua mix are between the ages of 5 and 13-years-old.  They had no food and the only water available was in the toilet bowl.  The dogs had no choice but to defecate and urinate throughout the residence.  Numerous household…

$2.5B transportation bill passes Pa. Senate


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – A bill designed to boost state spending on Pennsylvania’s transportation systems by almost 50 percent has received resounding support from state senators. The 45-5 vote Wednesday sends the bill to the House, where Republican leaders are skeptical of the $2.5 billion price tag. Gov. Tom Corbett backs a more modest $1.8 billion proposal. Both plans rely primarily on increasing a wholesale gas tax by 28.5 cents a gallon and would give Pennsylvania among the nation’s highest fuel tax rates.  Proponents say the money is badly needed, and that taxes haven’t been raised in many years. A Transportation Department spokesman says the agency can’t provide a list of which projects would be…

Corbett praises ACF Industries in Milton


MILTON – Governor Tom Corbett says he loves to see what American workers can do.  He spoke Wednesday during a visit to ACF Industries in Milton.  Corbett told hundreds of workers at the rail car and rail car part plant that they are part of the piece of the economic puzzle. “It is what you are manufacturing here that is going to allow the oil to be transported across the country,” says Corbett.  “In the relatively near future we are going to be independent of the mid-east and relying upon them for oil.  You are going to be a part of that.” The business closed in 2009, but a resurgence in the natural gas industry…

Stamos: U.S. economy struggles with global

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SUNBURY — Following the release of a gloomy American economic forecast, a local professor agrees that recovery is fragile.   Bucknell University Professor Stephen Stamos says one of the biggest obstacles in U.S. economic recovery efforts is the struggling global economy.  “The recovery we’ve had has been based on the growth of these other countries and their demand for our goods,” he said.  “Our company’s subsidiaries in these countries doing well to generate earnings and profits and growth have attributed to, even this weak recovery that we’ve had… With that diminishing in those other countries, that will tend to weaken our recovery.”   The quarterly UCLA Anderson Forecast shows that the country isn’t creating enough…

Lewisburg kicks off Relay for Life Walk/Run


Lewisburg—Community members will get a run for their money at Lewisburg’s annual Relay for Life walk/run. Runners of all ages are encouraged to attend the event which boasts courses for kids, first-timers, and experienced runners. Co-captain Bronwyn Taylor said that every runner counts in this year’s goal to raise $1,000,000 for cancer research. “We feel like it’s a great, exciting event in the morning and all the participation allows us to be able to support relay even further, especially in those last hours of relay when the press is on to get to the goal for our financial goals.” The family event will hold both a 5k and a 10k walk/run starting at 8:30am with…

VIDEO HERE: Liberty Splashland open for the season


NORTHUMBERLAND — Tuesday was opening day at Liberty Splashland in Northumberland, and the kids were flocking to the new bowl slide.   Director of Operations Greg Carl said he is excited swimming season has finally arrived.  “We are excited to be open and to have our first full season with the bowl slide.  It is the only bowl slide at a municipal park in Pennsylvania, so we are real excited about that.”   It was the last day of school for Shikellamy students, and many of them were relieved to trade in their books for a swimming suit.  Billy, a 10-year-old boy from Northumberland said, “I like the slides!”  He had just gotten spit out…

Building collapse in Philly

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Emergency crews are at the scene of a building collapse in Philadelphia, and the fire commissioner says as many as eight to 10 people were believed trapped in the rubble. Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers says dozens of paramedics and fire crews are on the scene working to find those trapped. WPVI-TV reports that at least five people have been taken to hospitals.  The collapse involved a Salvation Army corner thrift store and a four-story building next door with a sandwich shop on the first floor. It’s not clear whether any other adjacent buildings were damaged. There is no word on exactly what caused the collapse.  The accident happened at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday…

Barletta: immigration threat comes from within


WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Lou Barletta (R-11th, Hazelton) continues to gain national attention for his strong stance on illegal immigration. An op-ed piece written by Barletta was featured this week in USA Today talking about how an amnesty proposal does nothing to make our country safer.   Barletta said, “Today again, I will be stepping out front with Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Senator David Vitter of Louisiana in a press conference here in Washington. The goal is to defeat the ‘Gang of Eight’s’ amnesty proposal, because it is not good for America.”   He explained why the amnesty proposal doesn’t work if the borders are not secured first. Barletta said, “Over 40 percent…

Sunbury man injured in a motorcycle crash


SUNBURY — A Sunbury man was hurt in a motorcycle crash early this morning in Rush Township, Northumberland County. State police say 25-year-old Jordan Shaffer lost control of his motorcycle on Snydertown Road near Pauls Road just after midnight. Shaffer says a small animal ran onto the road causing him to lose control of the motorcycle. He was taken to Geisinger Medical Center, where he was treated and released. (Ali Stevens)   Follow

Sunbury teen shot after police chase


SUNBURY — A Sunbury teen is in critical condition at Geisinger Medical Center following a police shooting early Wednesday morning.  17-year-old Naheem Reams was shot by Sunbury Police after leading them on a high speed chase. State police say around 1:00a.m.  Sunbury Police asked the teen to remove a vehicle parked along 5th Street to allow a street sweeper to clean the street.  The teen drove off in a reckless manner and Sunbury Police chased after him through the city of Sunbury. Police say the teen drove at high speeds on various streets.  Near the end of the pursuit in the area of Chestnut and Front  Street, the teen struck two Sunbury Police Department vehicles and tried…