Former Penn St players offer support for lawsuit

penn state

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) – About 325 former Penn State players have signed a statement supporting the lawsuit filed by the family of former coach Joe Paterno and other former players seeking to overturn NCAA sanctions against the football program. Former player Brian Masella released the letter Monday in support of the lawsuit, which was also filed last month by some coaches, trustees and faculty. Masella says he and a few other former players organized the statement on their own, and that it’s not tied to the school’s Football Letterman’s Club. As in the lawsuit, the former players in the statement take issue with the NCAA basing its sanctions on what they call the flawed…

Commonwealth Foundation wants liquor stores sold

matthew brouillett

HARRISBURG – The state’s conservative think tank, The Commonwealth Foundation, is encouraging state lawmakers to support privatization of the state liquor store system. Matthew Brouillette is president and CEO of the foundation, and he’s hopeful the state house and senate will agree with Governor Tom Corbett’s plan, “We’re hopeful, that Pennsylvania will finally get out of the booze business, here in 2013, 80—years after the repeal of prohibition.” State lawmakers are currently considering a plan that Brouillette said would give Pennsylvanian’s more choice, lower prices and more convenience. Currently the house and senate are considering slightly different plans, and they are receiving extensive pushback from unions who represent liquor store workers. Brouillette (agreed with our…

Pennsylvania’s budget deadline is nearing

Official Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Portrait

HARRISBURG – More money for education—and lower taxes for businesses—those are the highlights of a new proposed budget for Pennsylvania. The state budget process is coming down to the wire with the fiscal year ending June 30. State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Middleburg) spoke about the increase in spending saying, “Its increasing the overall spending 2.1%, increasing the spending on education 2.7% and the department of public welfare 2.7%. Additionally, for the department of health there is a 3% increase and it also doubles the children’s health insurance program money allocated for that. So I think it takes care of a lot of priorities, while also being mind full that it is the tax payer’s…

VIDEO HERE: Tour of WWII plane

plane video

Take a look into the C-54 Skymaster: SELINSGROVE — If you drove by the PennValleyAirport in Selinsgrove last week, you may have noticed a unique plane. Dave Hall, Director of Operations at Heritage Aviation, says the C-54 Skymaster is a “flying museum.” “This particular airplane is owned by the Berlin Airlift Historical Association and though it was not used in the Berlin Airlift, it has been outfitted and a museum of that timeframe.” In 1948, the Soviets stopped all ground shipments to West Berlin, so it was planes such as the C-54 that delivered necessities such as fuel, clothing, coal and more. Inside the plane are pictures, documentation, and mementos from the World War II era. …

Cong. Barletta wants answers from the NSA


WASHINGTON — The fine line between over-reach—and appropriate protection—is on the mind of US Congressman Lou Barletta (R-11th, Hazelton) as he learns more about the NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans. Congressman Barletta said there is already a significant distrust of government, and if this is another example of government misuse, there will be consequences. What is worse, he said, is he found out from the media. He said, “If I have questions, then how can I expect the American people to have trust and faith in the government. So, I think there’s a disconnect between the NSA, the intelligence committee, and the rest of congress, and what information we really have. So…

Volunteers needed at local food bank


LEWISBURG– The Eastern Union County Food Bank is looking for high school and university students who are in the Lewisburg area over the summer to volunteer two hours of their time for the local community. The Food Bank is located at the First Baptist Church at the corner of South Third Street and St. Louis Street. Volunteers need to be able to carry ten pounds and negotiate steps. The dates for the food distribution are, June 21, July 5, July 19, August 2, and August 16. Volunteers are need on those dates between the hours of 1:15 and 3:30pm. This is a good opportunity for college students from around that area to meet other students…

Route 45 Mifflinburg Construction Update

Route 45

MONTOURSVILLE– Route 45 through Mifflinburg in Union County will be opening the first reconstructed section from Fifth   Street to Eighth Street on Tuesday, June 18. The next section for construction will close as well on Tuesday. The next section being reconstructed is Third Street through Fifth Street. Traffic will have access to Third   Street but not Fifth   Street from Route 45 during construction. Both car and truck detours will remain the same. (Sarah Lagerman) Follow

VIDEO HERE: Monkees daughters in Beavertown

Davys daughters

BEAVER SPRINGS– The Middlecreek Area Community Center held a fundraiser at the Beaver Springs Dragway. This fundraiser was known as the Beavertown Bed Race. The bed races took place on Saturday afternoon with six different teams competing. Owner of the Beaver Springs Dragway, “Beaver” Bob McCordle talked about how he got involved with MACC. He said, ” The MACC center got a hold of me, they asked if I would be interested in hosting a race they said they would like to have a bed race, and I said absolutely, you name it all do it, whatever it takes we’ll help you out.” Participating in the race were the daughters of the lead singer of…

VIDEO HERE: Local car dealership celebrates 60 years in Selinsgrove


SELINSGROVE — Selinsgrove Ford is celebrating 60 years.  “We have been in Selinsgrove since 1953,” says President Todd Benner.  The official 60th anniversary is in May, the business actually spans further back and with a different name. “We actually started out in Middleburg in 1943, but we were called Benner Motors.  Then ten years later my grandfather brought the business down to Selinsgrove and we became Ford franchised.” Benner says a business does not stay around for 60 years if you do not give back to the community and he thanks all of the surrounding counties who have given to them. (Sara Bartlett)   Follow