Group wants Sunday hunting

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – A hunters’ group has asked a federal judge to throw out Pennsylvania’s long-standing ban on Sunday hunting.   Hunters United for Sunday Hunting filed suit against the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the agency that enforces the state’s game code.   The Lancaster County-based group says the state’s ban on most types of hunting on Sunday is unconstitutional. The group contends the ban costs hunters an “irreparable loss” of time in the field.   Legislation that would have permitted hunting on Sundays died two years ago amid opposition from the state Farm Bureau. The farm bureau has said many people support preserving one day a week when people can be outside without running…

Official touts $5M voter ID law campaign

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – A state official says last year’s $5 million multimedia campaign to make voters aware of Pennsylvania’s new voter-identification law was larger than any similar effort by other states.   Shannon Royer, a deputy secretary of state, testified Thursday on the fourth day of the Commonwealth Court trial on the constitutionality of the photo-ID requirement for voters.   Royer declared the federally funded campaign a success despite continuing uncertainty about the law’s status. He defended his agency’s decision to earmark only about half as much in state money for voter outreach in the November election and next spring’s primary election.   Earlier Thursday, lawyers for plaintiffs seeking to overturn the law cited…

VIDEO HERE: Snyder County’s forgotten gem


Faylor Lake:     BEAVER SPRINGS – Tucked away in Beaver Springs is Faylor Lake, what many call Snyder County’s forgotten gem.  The Snyder County Commissioners are promoting the county-owned land by taking a walk Sunday. Commissioners Joe Kantz, Peggy Chamberlain Roup and Malcolm Derk will be walking the new 1.9-mile nature trail and all invited everyone to join them.  “Meet us at the parking lot at 2:00p.m. and we will embark on our walk,” says Kantz. Kantz says Faylor Lake is a 140-acre area, which boasts great fishing, bird watching, hiking and more.  “I have seen probably 20 varieties of fish and birds there.  There has only been one time I have been out…

Stamos: U.S. economy weakening

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SUNBURY — A local expert on international relations says the current status of other economies is threatening to ours.   Retired professor of international relations Stephen Stamos said, “What’s particularly disconcerting is the major countries, the bricks.  These are the countries that have been enjoying robust growth rates from 8-10% in recent years.  They are now in China in about a 7% growth rate, India in a 5%, Brazil even less than that.  So, that is a demand base now that is weakening.”   Stamos said with the economies of those nations in jeopardy, they will no longer be buying so many commodities and finished goods from the U.S.   He said there is a…

Another fun event for Union County’s bicentennial


LEWISBURG – Many people may be surprised to learn that the Shikellamy State Park overlook on County Line Road is part of Union County, even though it overlooks Northumberland and Snyder Counties. On Sunday afternoon from 4 to 7 p.m. the Shikellamy State Park Overlook will be the site of another Union County Bicentennial celebration.   The family event will feature costumed storytellers, strolling musicians, nature walks and more. Those who attend are encouraged to bring a blanket and picnic basket to enjoy the festivities. You can gather at the park’s stage at 4 p.m. for a brief introduction. Find out more information online at (Ali Stevens) Follow

Golfing fundraiser supports local nonprofit

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    HUMMELS WHARF—Golfers braved the heat on Wednesday to support the Helen Keithline Memorial Tournament, with over 20 teams committed to raising funds for SUN Home Health. First-year player Kyle Davies said the opportunity to golf while supporting a good cause was unbeatable.   “The turnout is great. I mean there’s a lot of groups out here—a lot of great people of various ages from young to the elderly and you know, it’s for a good cause. The tournament is playing well, the course is good, the greens are rolling well, and we’re playing pretty good so far. So, we’ll see how it turns out.”   Tournament committee member Rick Shuck said players travel…

More details on Lewisburg home invasion

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  LEWISBURG — Buffalo Valley Regional Police are investigating a home invasion from early this morning in the borough of Lewisburg. Police say around 4:15 a.m. several men entered a home at 302-304 North 4th Street, armed with guns.   The men demanded money and narcotics from those inside the home. Police say they were wearing shirts or masks over their faces to disguise themselves. They removed two television sets and an air conditioner from the home and fled the scene in a small dark colored car. Police also say there was a sexual assault that took place during the invasion, but no other details were released.   Anyone with information on the incident this…

Local soldier honored with VFW Eagle Award


DANVILLE — A local soldier has been honored for his service in Iraq and Afghanistan, receiving the Pennsylvania VFW Eagle Award. During the Pennsylvania Department of Veterans of Foreign Wars’ State Convention in Lancaster, Staff Sergeant Robert J. Heckrote of Danville received the distinguished award.   Officials say Heckrote’s heroic actions saved lives during Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he put his life in danger to save several wounded soldiers. An incident took place on August 23rd, when Specialist Heckrote moved his HUMVEE into the line of fire to protect wounded soldiers from further injury in a parking lot in Ramadi.   Heckrote is a graduate of Bloomsburg University and is currently attending graduate school. Heckrote…

Construction delays Monday on Route 147


MILTON — Starting Monday, you can expect traffic delays along Route 147 while the highway is being repaved in West Chillisquaque Township, Northumberland County. The work will take place on Route 147, just north of the intersection of Route 405 and continuing north for three-quarters of a mile.   Flaggers will restrict traffic to one lane during daylight hours. Traffic delays are expected through August 8th, when the project should be finished. (Ali Stevens) Follow

Mifflinburg man charged with burglarizing a business


MIFFLINBURG — A Mifflinburg man is accused of breaking into a business and stealing tools. State police have filed charges against 31-year-old John Black, who reportedly stole $18,000 worth of tools from a small barn at a business along Homestead Lane in West Buffalo Township. The break-in took place between June 24th and July 3rd. Troopers say Black sold the tools for money to buy drugs.   Follow