PA gas tax goes up in one month


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Pennsylvania’s new transportation law will raise fuel taxes Jan. 1 and the companies that supply gas and diesel in Pennsylvania say razor-thin profit margins leave them little choice but to pass the entire cost increase to the pump. John Reilly, president of Reilly & Sons in the Philadelphia suburb of Exton, says fuel distributors like his can’t just absorb the cost of doing business.   Gov. Tom Corbett and lawmakers who supported the bill have given confusing messages, including the idea that it shifts the tax burden to big oil companies that won’t pass it down. On Jan. 1, taxes will rise by 9.5 cents per gallon of unleaded and 13…

Modern product stolen from historic site


  WATSONTOWN — Two historic sites were burglarized in upper Northumberland County.   In the Watsontown area, the Warrior Run-Fort Freeland Heritage Society’s historic Warrior Run Church was burgled late this week. That building is owned by the state’s Historic and Museum Commission. State police say Thursday night or Friday morning, someone stole gasoline after they broke into the church.   Also burglarized, a barn on the nearby Hower/Slote home property, near Turbotville. The buildings are located on Warrior Run Lane and Warrior Run School Boulevard. State troopers are asking if anyone saw suspicious activity in that area.   Follow

Local stores benefit from Black Friday


SUNBURY – It was a busy morning for stores across The Valley.  Routes 11 and 15 was packed full of shoppers trying to squeeze into store parking lots.  But, you didn’t have to travel the strip to get some discounts.   Even the stores that didn’t modify their hours to appease the crack of dawn trend saw an influx of customers today. Trey from Cole’s Hardware in Sunbury said their Black Friday sale has been a success. “Black Friday has been pretty good.  We set up for the sale a couple days ago.  It’s been pretty busy here.  Sales are up and everything is looking good.  We’ve been running a bunch of different sales… anything from…

Santa Claus arrives in Sunbury


SUNBURY – The reindeer are already in Sunbury, and Santa Claus came to town last night!  Sunbury’s Santa Parade kicked down Market Street in Sunbury. The parade ended at Cameron Park where Santa Claus greeted children.  Snowflake and Jingles the deer have also moved into their holiday homes in Cameron Park. (Codi Jade)     Follow

Community volunteer dies

sunbury sign

SUNBURY — A community volunteer in Sunbury has passed away. Ed Chaney died Thursday at Geisinger Medical Center. Chaney was an avid supporter of public servants in the city. Sunbury Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo called Chaney a pillar of the community. “He hosted lunches for all the public services, fire, police, public workers, anyone that was involved in keeping Sunbury running. If you needed Ed to help you out, he was always there.” Many people also remember seeing Chaney providing food to people at the Oppenheimer Playground. Mazzeo says he had talked with Chaney several times about his community philosophy. “It was always a way for him to serve the community, make Sunbury better, be…

Needy Family Fund: Grandparents put grandkids first

needyfamily copy

MILTON — For grandparents Bill and Sheryl O’Rourke, this Christmas is about building the hope and faith and showing their grandchildren people still care. Bill and his Sheryl, both 62, of Milton, are trying to erase a tough few years and have one day when they can sit with their 13-year-old and 5-year-old grandchildren and watch them open presents.  Bill, who was diagnosed with cancer in January, lost his job after the Williamsport company he worked for had to furlough employees, Sheryl said. “It’s been really tough,” she said.“We have our two children and their children living with us and we are doing everything we can to survive.”  Sheryl appealed to the Needy Family Fund…

The Valley serves up free food and fellowship


SUNBURY — While many of us spent the morning preparing a Thanksgiving meal for family, some folks spent the past several days fixing enough food for a city.  But, according to Rhonda Fisher, the over 600 people she helped to feed today are family.   “I’ve been here since about 5:30a.m. this morning.  I was here myself with just one friend last night until 11:30p.m. preparing food.  Then I had to drive 45 minutes home just to turn around and get up again at 4:00a.m. this morning… but there is just no place I would rather be on Thanksgiving.   This is Fisher’s 14 year, and she believes they fed at least 685 people today. …

Needy Family Fund total tops $400

needy family fund


Needy Family Fund: Sunbury mom raises autistic son alone


SUNBURY – This is not the first year Connie Banks of Sunbury will get assistance from the Needy Family Fund.  “They are really nice people there at the Salvation Army and they really help people like me out a lot.”  Banks is a single mom, raising her 8-year-old autistic son.  “I try to provide him as best I can with learning tools and things to keep him busy.” Banks is unemployed and is on disability.  “I had a job at Wal-Mart and at Dollar General, but I am now on disability and have been for about four years.”  Banks says times are tough financially between her unemployment and raising her son on her own.  “It…

Ted Stuban dies at 85

house of reps

BERWICK — A former state house member from the Berwick area has died.  Ted Stuban passed away Wednesday at the age of 85.  Stuban represented the 109th district from 1977 to 1992.  Stuban was democrat who was reelected seven times.  After retiring, Stuban’s seat was filled by now state senator John Gordner (R-109, Berwick).  Stuban was born in Berwick and was very involved in the community.  Many also remember him as an auctioneer in the Berwick area.  Funeral plans are expected to be announced soon. (Sara Bartlett)   Follow