Local Christmas tree grower very busy

Photo courtesy of Dr. David Lindbo  of the Department of Soil Science at NC State University

  MIDDLEBURG – A local Christmas tree grower who provided a tree to the White House in 2001 is having another very busy holiday season. Daryl Bowersox is owner and operator of the Hill View Tree Farm near Middleburg. He says they are always busy this time of year.   Bowersox said, “The season for us starts around the 15th of November. That’s when we start cutting our wholesale trees. It will be very intense for about a month from the 15th of November to about the 15th of December.”   Bowersox explained how they cut trees for wholesale, saying, “We will go through a field and cut trees out by size and grade. The…

Good season so far for deer hunters


LEWISBURG – There are just two full days left for rifle deer season in the state and many hunters have already had success. Dirk Remensnyder, wildlife conservation officer in Union County, says it seems like there is an uptick this year in the harvest.   Remensnyder said, “The archery hunters were seeing good numbers of deer. There were very nice racks on the buck. There were also some nice ones taken during archery season and that trend has continued into the rifle season. A lot of it will depend on the area that you hunt. I have been seeing more harvested deer down a little lower where there is a better food source. Up higher…

Commissioners appeal temporary stop of salary cuts


SUNBURY – The Northumberland County commissioners filed an appeal on Friday to the preliminary injunction that temporarily stops salary cuts to county row officer salaries. The News Item reports the appeal follows a November 8th order by a Centre County judge that temporarily halted the controversial salary cuts for the register and recorder, sheriff, treasurer and coroner.   It also halts a plan requiring them to pay 50 percent of their health care costs. Commissioners Stephen Bridy and Vinny Clausi initiated the plan to cut the salaries. The four row officers then filed a lawsuit against the commissioners and the county on October 22nd. If the commissioners appeal is successful, the cuts would go into…

Mom: Minimum wage job, but still barely getting by


SUNBURY – A Sunbury family of four is looking forward to the holidays this year, but money is tight.  Stephanie Shrawder lives with her fiancé, as well as her 10-year-old daughter and 19-year-old son. “Both my fiancé and I have jobs.  I am making minimum wage and even with both of us working we are just barely getting by.” Shrawder’s daughter is in school and she says her son is trying to find a job.  As for the holidays, the 19-year-old is not asking for much. “My daughter though,” says Shrawder, “wants a tablet for Christmas.  I’m just not sure that’s going to happen.” The family has been assisted by Salvation Army before.  “They provide a dinner for us and when…

McClure man hits a utility pole


BEAVERTOWN – A McClure man remains in critical condition following a crash on Monday in Adams Township, Snyder County. State police say 25-year-old George Hook was driving too fast on Troxelville Road and lost control of his car on a curve in the road.   The car struck shrubbery and a utility pole. Hook was transported to Geisinger Medical Center with major injuries and remains in intensive care. No other vehicles were involved in the crash on Monday around 7:30 p.m. (Ali Stevens) Follow