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7:10am: Dr. Walter Brasch, commentator, author and journalist, veterans advocate and animal rights zealot, on the president’s veto of the Keystone XL pipeline, the Homeland Security funding debacle, and the lack of intelligent life in Washington DC. Dr. Brasch will all 1-800-795-9565 at 7:08am or so.

7:40am: Movie Mike McGranaghan, professional movie critic, and author, with his latest review, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, new movies, Oscar review, the controversial political statements at the Oscars, the lack of TV viewership and other entertainment news will be discussed. He’s typically on the SBC campus by about 7am or so, and makes appearances on WKOK and 94KX.


7:10am and 7:40am: Dr. Todd Stefan, elite vascular surgeon, Evangelical Community Hospital. He will help us Rock Red for Health Hearts, we’ll focus on this growing aspect of Evan’s comprehensive health care system.

Bill Moyer, of Moyer Electronic Supply Company Inc. (Moyer’s Electronics!), on encouraging people to ‘call Moyer’s first,’ when they are looking for a vast array of (common and obscure) products, on their legacy family business, the realities of business ownership, his concerns about the economy, employees and many other factors involved in running a business. www.moyerelectronics.com.

Steve Various, KFC Franchisee, and president of the local KFC corporation, on the 50th anniversary of the family business that is the KFC franchise, first at Varias Restaurant in Sunbury, and then on Routes 11 & 15. We’ll discuss the anniversary, the family legacy, the product specials tomorrow only. 50-years-ago KFC joined the Varias Restaurant in Sunbury, then moved to Routes 11 & 15 in 1969. The Sunbury restaurant closed in 2007. They had a buffet, but now have no need for buffet. Steve will be on the SBC campus by about 7:30am.

Sandy Ludwig from the Grange Arts Center. She speaks about the Grange Arts Center in Union County. Their website is http://www.grangeartscenter.com/

6:10am and 6:40am: Fred Keller, state representative (R-85th, Kreamer), in a recorded interview on raising the minimum wage, privatizing the state’s liquor system, fixing the pension crisis, medical marijuana, the governor’s moratorium on the death penalty, and not campaigning on the taxpayers dime! This is a recorded, two part, 14-minute interview.

7:10am and 7:40am: Trooper Rick Blair, Pennsylvania State Police Troopers, President Board of Directors SVLECC, on the Susquehanna Valley Camp Cadet, its big, positive, formative, impact on young men and women, and an upcoming fundraiser. He and a representative from Applebees will be on the SBC campus by about 7am. More details below. Primer attached.