Family of 5 lived 3 months in camper

MILLMONT — Samantha Confer’s family moved into their new house the Monday before Thanksgiving. Prior to the move, her fiance and three children, ages8 to 5, were living for three months in a 35-foot camper parked on the property of relatives. The family had to move from its former home after the landlord raised the rent by $200 amonth, which they could not afford. While the family is thankful to have a new home, there’s not enough money for the holidays. Confer says “It kind of puts a damper on Christmas because we’ve had to put a lot of money into the house.”

Confer’s fiance is in the construction business but hasn’t had a lot of work lately. Meanwhile, Confer has congenital disease in her hip that prevents her from working. She’s been taking odd jobs and babysitting to help make ends meet. “It’s hard not to give your kids what you want because you can’t afford it,” she said. “That’s hard on us as parents.”

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