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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – A new court filing by prosecutors in the Penn State sex abuse case says the alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky ranged in age from 8 to 17, and that eight of the boys were assaulted on campus. The attorney general’s office on Thursday issued a “bill of particulars” that said crimes involving one boy occurred in Florida and Texas. The document discloses details of the allegations against Sandusky. Prosecutors say assaults happened at Sandusky’s home, State College hotels, Penn State athletic facilities and in a car from 1996 to 2009. The 68-year-old Sandusky is confined to his home while he awaits an expected May trial on 52 criminal counts. He denies the allegations, and his lawyer didn’t immediately reply to a message seeking comment Thursday.
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Pennsylvania’s employment picture continues to brighten, as the rate fell in January to 7.6 percent. It’s the fourth straight monthly drop in the closely followed economic indicator. The Corbett administration said Thursday the number of people working or actively looking for work dropped fractionally and now stands at about 6.4 million. The national unemployment rate is 8.3 percent.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says schooling is the task of parents. He scorns government involvement in public education and points out that he and his wife have home-schooled their seven children. Yet back when Santorum was a senator from Pennsylvania, he got a Pittsburgh-area school district to help pay tens of thousands of dollars in tuition for his children to receive charter online schooling. The Penn Hills School District tried to recover $73,000 that it said the state wrongly sent to an Internet-based charter school. The Santorums owned a house in the school district, but were living in Leesburg, Va., at the time. It’s a bit of history that’s unknown to most of those now hearing Santorum pitch for conservative votes he needs to overtake GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – The Big Dipper was larger than life. His size, his statistics, even his voracious appetite for running up big numbers off the court. Wilt Chamberlain didn’t just tower over his peers, he left records that endured for decades. And for 50 years, one mighty number has stood as the Mount Everest of sport’s magic numbers. 100 points. At 25, Chamberlain had already crafted a career built on steady, sustained and spectacular excellence. Playing at 7-foot-1 and 260-pounds for the Philadelphia Warriors, Chamberlain held the single-game record of 78 points (in three overtimes) and the regulation mark of 73 points in January 1962. One hundred points was no flash of momentary greatness. It was a fireball of scoring that will likely never be topped – and put Chamberlain everywhere from the record book, to “The Ed Sullivan Show,” to an unmatched spot in the short list of sport’s all-time unbelievable performances. But on March 2, 1962 at the Hershey Sports Arena, hardly anyone noticed.

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The Latest Business News

NEW YORK (AP) – Heading into today’s final trading session of
the week, the key averages are mixed, but it wouldn’t take much to
change that.
In Thursday trading, the Dow rose 28 points, or 0.2 percent, to
end at 12,980. The S&P added 8 points to 1,374. The Nasdaq was up
22 points to 2,989.
For the week, the Dow is down 3 points, while the S&P is up 8
and the Nasdaq ahead 25 points.

BANGKOK (AP) – Asian stocks rose Friday as the U.S. jobs market
showed new signs of improvement and global banks avoided a hit from
Greece’s debt crisis.
Banks around the world are on the hook for as much as $70
billion in bond insurance payments if Greece defaults on its debt.
But a panel ruled that Greece’s plan to restructure its debt should
not trigger any insurance payments, at least for now.
Benchmark crude oil hovered above $108 per barrel while the
dollar rose against the yen and the euro.

UNDATED (AP) – After a flurry of economic reports in the U.S.
yesterday, things slow a bit. There are no key reports due today to
help guide the market.
In Brussels, however, European Union leaders will be meeting.
The two-day summit of EU leaders is for once taking place amid
relative calm in financial markets, after the European Central
Bank’s latest massive injection of cash for banks.

UNDATED (AP) – The popular online reviews guide, Yelp, offers
its IPO today, although analysts still have doubts about long-term
prospects for the eight-year-old, still unprofitable company.
Yelp, based in San Francisco, has priced its initial public
offering of stock at $15 a share. That’s above its expected range
of $12 and $14 per share. Yelp is selling 7.1 million shares, while
its charitable foundation will sell 50,000. Investment bankers also
have an option sell an another 1.07 million shares, depending on
investor demand.
The offering could raise as much as $123 million before
expenses. It values Yelp at $900 million.

NEW YORK (AP) – Big banks, facing declining revenues and a
regulatory climate that leaves them fewer creative ways to make
money, are quietly introducing or experimenting with fees that are
sure to outrage customers.
Among the new fees being tested are Wells Fargo’s $15 a month
charge for some checking accounts unless customers have three
accounts with the bank, maintain a minimum balance of $7,500, or
have a Wells Fargo mortgage.
Some Citibank customers are being charged $20 a month unless
they keep $15,000 in their accounts, up from $6,000 before
December. They’re also being dinged with a $2 fee for using
non-Citi ATMs if their balance falls below the minimum.
Norma Garcia of Consumers Union is critical. She says banks
“have a short-term memory.” She says such fees affect all
consumers, but particularly the most vulnerable, who have the least
capacity to meet minimum balances and avoid the fees.

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Pennsylvania Lottery Numbers

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – These Pennsylvania lotteries were drawn Thursday:

Cash 5

Evening Big 4

Evening Daily Number

Evening Quinto

Match 6 Lotto

Midday Big 4

Midday Daily Number

Midday Quinto

Treasure Hunt

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Features & Entertainment

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) – An autopsy confirms that Davy Jones, star of 1960s band The Monkees, died of a heart attack. The medical examiner’s office in Martin County, Fla., says authorities completed their examination Thursday morning, a day after Jones was rushed to the hospital. Toxicology tests could take another six or eight weeks, but there’s no sign anything else is to blame for the 66-year-old heartthrob’s death. Jones rocketed to stardom in the 1960s as a member of The Monkees, a made-for-TV rock band patterned after the Beatles. Though their television show lasted just two years and the group ultimately broke up, they have endured with such chart-topping hits as “I’m a Believer” and “Daydream Believer.” A spokeswoman for Jones says funeral arrangements have not yet been made.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Senate Democrats have narrowly blocked a
measure that would have exempted employers and insurers from
covering contraceptives or other treatments they found morally
California Sen. Barbara Boxer said the conscience exemption,
which failed 51-48, was so broad that employers could refuse to
cover cancer treatments by saying they believed in prayer rather
than chemotherapy.
But Sen. Orrin Hatch said it’s unconstitutional to make
employers provide coverage that violates their religious beliefs.
The Utah Republican pledged continued opposition, saying: “Our
founding fathers fought a revolution to prevent this type of
Two Democrats up for re-election and one who is retiring voted
for the conscience exemption. Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, who has
dropped her re-election bid, cast the only Republican vote to block
the measure.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington
has apologized to a woman who was denied communion at her mother’s
funeral because she’s a lesbian.
Barbara Johnson and her relatives are asking the archdiocese to
remove the priest who denied her communion last Saturday at a
church in Gaithersburg, Md.
Johnson says the Rev. Marcel Guarnizo inflicted unnecessary
suffering on her and her family and failed to provide her mother
with a dignified funeral Mass. The 51-year-old Johnson says
Guarnizo told her he could not give her communion because she lives
with a woman, “and in the eyes of the church, that is a sin.”
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops says that when a priest
is unsure whether or not a person should receive communion, the
matter should be handled privately and “in a pastoral and
compassionate manner.”

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