All charges to court for both Barbours

SUNBURY —  All charges will go to court for 19-year-old Miranda Barbour, who had a preliminary hearing this morning.  She sat quietly at her hearing Friday at the Northumberland County Courthouse. Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, she occasionally jotted down notes for her public defender. Barbour is charged with homicide in the death of 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara of Port Trevorton.


Many members of LaFerrara’s family were in court as well. Northumberland County coroner James Kelley took the stand, detailing what he saw upon arriving to Catawissa Avenue where LaFerrara’s body was found. He told a judge about multiple stab wounds to LaFerrara’s face, neck, shoulder, chest, stomach and hands. Kelley also said an electric cord was found by LaFerrara’s body. An autopsy has shown strangulation may have contributed to LaFerrara’s death.


Also on the stand were Sunbury Police officers Jamie Quinn, Travis Bremigen and State Police Trooper Brent Bobb. Quinn testified to what they saw at the scene where LaFerrara was found. Bremigen and Bobb spoke about their interview with Miranda Barbour before she was taken into custody. Bobb testified that Miranda Barbour voluntarily turned herself in to Selinsgrove Police, telling them she just wanted to “get this over with.”


A surveillance video was shown from WalMart in Selinsgrove where Miranda’s husband Elyette Barbour is seen buying supplies to clean out the couple’s vehicle following the murder. Walmart employee Daniel Marks testified to compiling the video for Sunbury Police.

Elytte Barbour had a preliminary hearing this afternoon  at the Northumberland County Courthouse before District Judge Ben Apfelbaum.  All of his charges will also go to court.

The Barbours are both charged with homicide for the stabbing death of LaFerrara. A police report says following his death, they dumped his body in Sunbury and stole LaFerrara’s wallet. They are both in jail in lieu of bail.  (Sara Bartlett)