1,000 area businesses surveyed on the CSVT


SHAMOKIN DAM — Almost 1,000 area businesses are being asked whether or not they are in favor of the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway Project, through a new survey. The Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce is conducting the survey to learn what area businesses think about the CSVT and the impact it will have on their business. Joe McGranaghan is mayor of Shamokin Dam and chair of the chamber’s Transportation committee.


McGranaghan said, “Since now we are approaching the time when we may actually see some movement on the project, we felt it was to our best interest and the business communities best interest, to take a look and see how the business community felt about the project. What perceptions they had about it or whether they thought it would be beneficial or detrimental to their business. ”


McGranaghan said, “We have been rather pleasantly surprised by the response we have seen so far. Even though people along the strip feel there will be a reduction in traffic past their business when the CSVT is built, they also realize there are many people who don’t go onto the strip because of their concerns about traffic. The businesses believe they may see more local business after the bypass is built. I concur with that.”



The survey will be done through May 10th and results be available later in the month of May and will be detailed at an upcoming chamber meeting. The survey will also be available for non-chamber members, who will be able to download the survey on the chamber’s website at www.gsvcc.org. (Ali Stevens)





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