2013 Paint the Valley Pink to raise awareness

SUNBURY — Breast Cancer Awareness Month has arrived, and Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation and Evangelical Community Hospital are again teaming up to Paint The Valley Pink.


Dr. John Turner, Medical Director of the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health at Evan, says raising awareness is a great tool in the fight against breast cancer. “The publicity is good and it’s contributed to many of the dollars that are contributed to research.  It has contributed to awareness, which has then contributed to the prevalence and adherence to screening mammography.  That has contributed to the great hope that this disease has today… much greater than it has had in the past.”


Dr. Turner says early detection can save lives, “Management is so much simpler for each patient if they present early in the process.  The decision making process for the team involved is much more direct if we have an early tumor.  And the best way to find those tumors early is to get those early mammograms.”


You can be part of the fight against breast cancer by participating in several Paint the Valley Pink events.  Tickets are still available for Cookin’ Men Thursday at the Susquehanna Valley Country Club.   You can decorate your store or business front pink and win a radio advertisement package.

You can hear more from Dr. Turner during Talk with the Doc at Evan October 17.  You can also dance for a good cause by attending an 80s and 90s party at the Front Street Station October 18.  For more information about all of the Paint the Valley Pink events click here.  (Codi Jade)




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