$6-million recreation center planned for Lewisburg

LEWISBURG — A new community wellness and recreation center is coming to Lewisburg. The Miller Family, lifelong residents of Lewisburg and owners of Playworld Systems Inc., have announced they will develop a state-of-the-art indoor wellness and recreation center. The project is in partnership with Geisinger Health System and the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority.

Matt Miller explained why creating this center is so important to his family. Miller said, “The Union County and surrounding area is a great place to live with a tremendous work-life balance and I believe we are a real sports and fitness life community. To have a place where the community can gather together and take part in all these wonderful recreational activities and wellness programs is just going to be a true asset to the community.”

The Miller family will contribute about $2.5-million towards the $6-million facility. Miller said, “Our entire extended family is from the area and we are grateful for the community and all the resources it provides. It’s just something we want to do to contribute to the wonderful community that we live in.”

Geisinger Health System will also provide additional funding. The new center will be located in the Penn House Commons planned community, which is being developed by Meridian Development Partners. The facility will be in the former warehouse for La-Z-Boy furniture and is 90,000 square feet. (Ali Stevens/Codi Jade)





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