$800,000 will help with Sunbury flooding

SUNBURY – An $800,000 grant is coming to Sunbury to assist in improvements for the city’s storm water system.  U.S. Congressman Lou Barletta made the announcement at Sunbury Textile Mill Friday.  “It was imperative that we got this done.  Flooding emergencies are not entirely predictable, but we do know that Sunbury’s Spring Run Pump Station is antiquated and a disaster waiting to happen.”

The money will go toward a 71 x 47 plastic coated corrugated metal arch pipe, which will be installed for storm water flows, along with a pipe for sanitary sewage.  Sunbury mayor David Persing says the upgrades are needed for the city’s Spring Run Pump Station.  “It is outdated and can’t handle the flow.  There are many major things in this part of the city that we need to protect and these improvements will take care of any issues.”

The improvements will help pump additional storm water into Shamokin Creek and make Sunbury more resistant to flooding.  Dan Ramer, General Manager of Sunbury Municipal Authority, says the grant will solve a major storm water problem in Sunbury.

The system will be constructed between Walnut Street and the flood protection levee.  The total cost of the project is about $1.3 million.  The grant will be matched with funds from the Sunbury Municipal Authority. (Sara Bartlett)

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