VIDEO HERE: A busy weekend for Purity Candy

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ALLENWOOD — While it’s a busy weekend for families rushing to get chocolates and candy to fill their children’s Easter baskets, it’s an even busier weekend for those that make that candy.

Purity Candy in Allenwood has been working hard to keep their shelves stocked full of fresh treats.  John Burfeindt, President of Purity Candy, said they expect a crowd this weekend.  “Easter is our biggest time of year,” he said.  “We’ll have to do traffic control in the parking lots.  It gets pretty busy.”

The store was packed full of customers within the first hour of opening Friday.  One shopper, Oriana Long of Selinsgrove, said coming to Purity Candy before Easter is a family tradition.  “My mom’s been coming here since she was little, and she’s been bringing us here since we were little every year for Easter,” she said.  “This chocolate is just creamier and it’s just much better.”

Purity Candy has been in business for over 107 years.  This year, they’ve even created a 75-pound solid chocolate bunny.  “It’s pretty big.  It’s about 3 1/2 feet tall.  It’s solid.  It’s a pretty big bunny,” Burfeindt said.

You can learn more about our trip to Purity Candy by viewing our video online at   You can also enjoy some of this homemade chocolate goodness — even after Easter — at both Purity Candy locations in Allenwood and Lewisburg.  (Codi Jade)






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