Gay marriage on On The Mark Tuesday

SUNBURY – An essentially, equally divided audience of WKOK’s On The Mark program Tuesday participated in a discussion of gay marriage. A guest on the show, The Reverend Sue Jamison of the United Methodist Church said, as minister, she is uniquely unqualified help people enter a legal contract called marriage.

The dilemma comes in that she can do the religious and ritual part of the wedding, but can’t do the legal training. Ideally, she said some legal counseling is appropriate prior to entering into the contract called marriage.

“In my ideal world, everybody who wanted to get married, would have to go to the courthouse, would have to make their application, and would have to go through some legal counsel. And then they would go to whatever church, synagogue, mosque, park, mayor, and let the wedding officiate who want to do the ritual piece of it—left them do it.
Seeking a conservative view on the show today, we received a call from Billy Allred, an occasional guest co-host on the show who said homosexuality is wrong. He said, as Christians we look to Jesus, “Christians don’t need to necessarily need to be the judges and juries on this because the bible has already spoken clearly about it. God says it’s an abomination, it’s not the way he created man.” He said there are many ‘marriage like’ contracts same sex people can sign.

The discussion about gay marriage was thrust into the news recently as several members of the President Barack Obama administration—including the president—said they support gay marriage.

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