AccuWeather going global – minute-by-minute

accuweatherSUNBURY – AccuWeather, an international company based in State College, known for their localized weather forecasts, is helping allow more people to go online…globally. WKOK recently spoke to one of the top administrators at AccuWeather, regarding the global internet effort.

They are partnering with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg for the project. The project works to bring an internet connection to the nearly 5-billion people who don’t have internet access.  As a result of this, AccuWeather is now sending up to 45-day forecasts in 100 languages.

Other noteworthy news from AccuWeather…they tell us they are also using a new technology to give minute-by-minute forecasts. Chief Strategy Officer Jim Candor talks about their new “MinuteCast” feature on their smartphone app.

He said, “It looks at the current state of the radar — what is currently happening and how things are moving. It looks at computer models…It then predicts 2 hours out and a minute by minute basis.  That forecast then updates every 5 minutes.  As soon as new radar information comes in, we constantly rerun the algorithms to come up with new forecasts.”

Candor says this new technology can be very helpful for daily planning, “For people who are planning outside activities, who have a picnic, softball game, or whatever — they want to know what is going to happen on a minute-by-minute basis.  They want to know when they need to start taking cover, or when the rain or snow is going to stop so they can head outside.  It’s mainly a quality of life situation.”

Candor was a guest on WKOK Sunrise last Thursday.  You can hear more about AccuWeather’s latest endeavors by clicking on the WKOK Sunrise page.  (Codi Jade)



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