ACLU helping students to know their rights

UNDATED — Do students have to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance?  Are they restricted as to what kind of clothing they can wear in school?  Those questions and many more are answered in a new handbook published by the Pennsylvania ACLU titled Know Your Rights.  Harold Jordan is the editor of the book.

“The publication covers a range of issues effecting school climate, students and more,” says Jordan.  “It’s a statement of what the current law is inPennsylvania but also it provides advice.”

Jordan says  it is not only good for students to read, but also parents, teachers and administrators as well. He says it is important for students know that they have rights too.  “There are some limitations on what rights are relinquished.  For example, students can express themselves in the form of student publications, however schools can limit what students can express in a sexual nature or dealing with drug use.  Nonetheless, students can speak out on school policy that they disagree with.”

Some other topics covered in the handbook include prayer in school, cyberspace and the Internet, school discipline and security and privacy rights.  For more information and to get a copy of Know Your Rights go to (Sara Bartlett)






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