Snyder County Judge: Snyder County trials delayed

Budget ‘realities’ lead to trial postponements…Snyder County jury trials postponed until next year

MIDDLEBURG – Due to severe budget constraints in the Snyder County court system, all jury trials scheduled to take place in October, November or December this year, have been postponed. Snyder County Commissioner Malcolm Derk says the judges approached them recently to let them know of their decision to delay trials until next year.

He says according to the latest figures, the courts are more than $31,000 over their budget of $204,200. Derk said the lengthy Donald Seebold murder trial earlier this year was very expensive, and they’ve had to pay for court appointed counsel for the drug cases at the Snyder County Prison.

District Attorney Mike Piecuch declined to comment on the postponement of all jury trials.

It is not yet known how this will impact those awaiting trial. In Pennsylvania, once a criminal complaint is filed, the defendant has the right to a trial within 365 days and those entitled to bail cannot be incarcerated for more than 180 days while awaiting trial.

People selected for jury duty in mid-October received a letter from the jury commissioner notifying them that they will not be serving on a Snyder County criminal court jury, until January at the earliest. (Ali Stevens)


Snyder Co Courthouse



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