An early start to Black Friday

SELINSGROVE — The traditional “Black Friday” shopping started early this year.  One local store opened their doors at 8:00p.m. Thanksgiving Day.  Crowds of customers poured in as the doors opened, but what do people think of these deals on Thanksgiving day?

One shopper said, “I suppose it was convenient that it was open tonight, because we came down.  Although, the one item we wanted they didn’t have.  It was gone.  So now we are going home empty handed.”

Her friend added, “I don’t like them being open before Friday.”

An employee at the department store said she started work at7:00p.m.on Thursday and would be working through7:00a.m.on Friday.  She said, “I’m not really thrilled about it, but I think it will calm it down on Black Friday a bit.”

While the crowds were large and the lines were long, some customers were getting a little irritated.  One woman got so vocal with her frustration that she — and our reporter — were kicked out of the store.  (Codi Jade)



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