Anglers anxious for opening of trout season

SUNBURY — After a long cold winter, trout season couldn’t come soon enough for many anglers across The Valley.  Dean Hollenbach, of Hollenbach’s Bait and Tackle in Sunbury, says the shop has been busy with fishermen, and women, ready to kick the winter blues and take to the water.


“This weekend is the first day of trout season.  A lot of people are stopping in the shop here, getting their wax worms, meal worms, red worms, crawlers and spinners.”  Hollenbach said this year everyone seems to be talking about the Palomino Trout.  “Usually everyone’s looking for the big Rainbow or the big Brown Trout, but this year everyone wants a big Palomino.  I think it’s because they put a lot of bigger ones out this year… I think with the sunshine this week it will really help people get out of the house and get rid of that spring fever.”


Since mid-February, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has stocked waterways with a fresh supply of over 3-million trout.  10-year-old Caden Lahr of Dornsife says he is hoping to catch at least one this season.


“I’m going fishing with my dad and brother,” he said. “I caught some Rainbow Trout before and now I’m after a Palomino fish… It’s really, really fun!  You can catch fish and eat them.  You get to put bait on the fishing rods and put them on chains and get pictures with the fish… I once caught one where it swallowed the hook and it went down in its stomach,” Lahr giggled as he recalled the time he fell into the ‘crick’ as he was fishing.  “I just slipped!”


Along with many local fishermen, Lahr is hoping to head out to the Susquehanna River this weekend to cast in a line.  Hollenbach’s Bait and Tackle will be open all night Friday for the opening of trout season.  (Codi Jade)


The crew at Hollenbach's Bait and Tackle preparing bait for sale

The crew at Hollenbach’s Bait and Tackle preparing bait for sale



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