Atty Scheib: Scams and abuse plague older adults

Learn how to protect your loved ones


UNDATED — A Lewisburg attorney is helping to keep older adults safe from scammers and thieves. Attorney Richard Scheib recently spoke at an educational seminar in Danville on scams and abuse on senior citizens and older adults. Scheib is an attorney who specializes in Elder Law and retirement tax issues.


Scheib spoke about the issue of scamming, “Scams at times are very difficult to identify for even ourselves, but even more so for our loved ones, our seniors, our moms and dads, folks that are in their 70’s and 80’s. What do we need to do to educate our clients?”


He said, “Things that we can possibly put out there for folks to understand about what deals you should get into. How to identify things that may occur to you and things that we see all the time.”


Scheib also spoke about why older adults are more susceptible to scams. “As you get older I think you end up trusting folks more, and you sort of believe them that they are going to be in your best interest, But it can happen to anybody certainly. It seems the elderly are more susceptible to scams to scams such as that. To believing in the folks, believing that somebody would not rip them off.”


Scheib’s seminars teach information on how to protect your identity, how to avoid scams and fraudulent schemes, and how to identify elder financial abuse. (Sarah Lagerman)





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