AUDIO HERE: Heated argument in Northumberland County

SUNBURY – Tensions ran high again Tuesday at a meeting of the Northumberland County Commissioners.  Several issues had the commissioners butting heads.

An assistant district attorney position will not be funded in Northumberland County.  The decision was made with a 2-1 vote, with Commissioners Vinny Clausi and Stephen Bridy voting not to fund the ADA position.

Commissioner Rick Shoch says the motion was not even necessary, “I disagree with priorities that the majority of this board has set in terms of things they fund and the things they don’t.  Also, if this motion was not voted on, it wouldn’t change anything.  You don’t need a motion not to do something.”

Clausi responded, “I told Mr. Rosini that we will not to provide the funds.  He makes $200,000 a year and he should work a little harder, that’s my opinion and that’s the way it’s going to be.”  Clausi added that he is open to discussing with Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Rosini the possibility of a part-time position addition to the DA’s office.

Clausi also called out Shoch for an email he sent this week calling for Jerome Alex to be appointed the county’s chief clerk.  Alex currently works as an employee with behavioral health in the county.  Shoch believed he exceeded the credentials to be chief clerk.

The vote did not go in favor of Shoch, instead the board decided that two existing employees will share the duties of chief clerk.   In question, Clausi said since Shoch proposed Alex to take the chief clerk position, maybe Alex’s current position is not needed, “I am going to direct the chief clerk to do an investigation.”

Shoch told the public in attendance, “This is another example of just the oppressive regime that we are dealing with right now.”  He added that because it wasn’t Clausi’s idea, Clausi is threatening to take people’s jobs away.

Clausi and Bridy voted in favor of investigating Alex’s position in the county to see if it is needed. (Sara Bartlett)

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