Bank customers take law into their own hands



WILLIAMSPORT — Bank customers took the law into their own hands on Friday.  According to police, a bank robbery was reported at the M&T Bank at 4th Street in Williamsport at 4p.m.  Upon arrival, police found several people holding down a man wearing a blue ski mask over his face.  There was money tossed around the foyer and underneath the suspect, who was actively trying to get up.


The suspect was taken into custody without further incident; he is identified as Antwone Casimere Cormier. The bank teller told police that Cormier was wearing the ski mask when he handed him a note that asked him to put money into the bag and “nobody get hurt.”  The teller said Cormier was acting aggressively, so he did as he was asked.   A customer noticed the masked man and quickly went outside.


He held on to the bank door as Cormier tried to push it open to flee.  The customer then pushed the door open, grabbed Cormier, and threw him to the ground.  Several other customers then helped to restrain him.   Cormier attempted to take a total of $425.00, all of which was recovered under and around him in the foyer.  (Codi Jade)



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