Barletta: Immigration legislation needs more time

SUNBURY — As the government is working to get immigration legislation passed, Congressman Lou Barletta (R-11th, Hazleton) says he is trying to slow the process down.


“I think there are a lot of questions the American people need to have answered.  There were 22-million Americans who could not find work this morning when they got up.  Is this going to make it easier or harder for the American people to encourage millions more to come here illegally, because of this promise that we’ll make you a citizen if you’re already here?”


Barletta said the American people need to come first.  “I wish they would take the politics out of this issue, and let’s focus on boarder security.  That’s what really needs to be done first,” he said.  “I’m gonna to what I can to really slow this down.”


Barletta was a call in guest to WKOK’s On The Mark program Thursday.  You can hear more of his comments on immigration and other topics by downloading that program at  (Codi Jade)





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