Barletta says questions remain about Syria


SUNBURY – It was the Syrian government who carried out a chemical-weapons attack recently, killing thousands of people in Syria. U.S. government officials are now deciding what kind of, if any, response Americans will have to the violence.


U.S. Congressman Lou Barletta (R-11, PA) spoke briefly about Syria Wednesday at a town hall meeting in Sunbury. “What is disturbing to me is how we are going about this. We are telling them when we are coming, what time, how long and it is not for a regime change. I want to know what the purpose of it is then.”


Barletta says they hope to have more answers in the coming days, but says it is a complex issue trying to determine how best to help our allies, and who those allies are. “Unfortunately, as we saw in Egypt, it isn’t like there are shirts and skins uniforms. Sometimes you are helping the enemy, you are asking who is in power and who is not, is our aid in the right hands? It is a very complicated situation and there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.”


Barletta says in accordance with the Wars Power Act President Barack Obama must come to Congress before deciding whether or not the U.S. will make a military response in Syria. (Sara Bartlett)

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