Bridy says destroying meeting minute tapes is best practice

BridySUNBURY – A vote Tuesday at the Northumberland County Commissioners meeting made it official that all tapes of public meeting from that day forward would be destroyed, following the adoption of the minutes at the following meeting.  Commissioner Stephen Bridy say this is the best practice when it comes to the issue.

“I had called two solicitor friends of mine and they said without a doubt, tapes should be destroyed after meeting minutes were approved because it opens up the county to litigation.  If one of us were to misspeak about a personnel issue or somebody that is on maternity leave even, that could open us up to litigation.”

Bridy says though that there is an exception.  “The only time the tape should be held is if there is a litigation hold on it.  That is an actual term for the tapes.  Why would they have that legal term if it were not wide practice that those tapes are destroyed or erased?

Commissioner Vinny Clausi voted, along with Bridy, to have the tapes erased after the minutes are approved.  The discussion started when Commissioner Rick Shoch requested copies of the meeting minute tapes from the past 15 years.  You can watch a video of the heated exchange online here. (Sara Bartlett)



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