Bridy & Shoch: It wasn’t me


SUNBURY – Both Northumberland County Commissioners Rich Shoch and Stephen Bridy say it wasn’t them who notified the state that Vinny Clausi was conducting an illegal auction. The two commissioners were responding to Clausi’s reference Friday that he thinks one of his fellow commissioners turned him in.


Clausi say he’s been investigated two times and has been cleared both times. He said Friday, he is not an unlicensed auctioneer. The issue arose after Clausi oversaw the sale of tax claim properties.  Clausi said he assumes a fellow commissioner called state officials.


Clausi said, in an attempt to save the county money, auctioned off the properties at a tax sale. The state responded saying they decided not to file formal charges and they reserve the right to reopen the case at any time. Clausi said, “It is a shame that when I worked to save hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars that I would be accused of violating the law.”



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