BTE to tell your flood stories

SUNBURY — In the Fall of 2011, Tropical Storm Lee flooded Valley homes and neighborhoods, leaving many people with untold stories.  The Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble has transformed those stories into a production.


Gerard Stropnicky is the writer and director of Flood Stories, Too.  He explained what the play is all about.  “It is local stories gathered here, about what we went through leading up to, through, and in the aftermath and recovery in the Lee flood,” he said.  “Believe it or not, it is funny, it’s full of music.  It rips your heart now and then because there’s a lot of loss, but there are real gains that come from this natural disaster, too.”


Stropnicky said this play is uplifting.  “There is a pulling together as a community, and a new community emerges from an event like this,” he said.  “We need to look at that and celebrate it and sing it.  That’s what this piece is about.”


BTE is teaming up with Bloomsburg University Players and the Bloomsburg Bicentennial Choir for Flood Stories, Too.  You can see their performance from now through March 17 at the Alvina Krause Theatre in Bloomsburg.  Admission is “Pay What You Wish.”  You can find more details on this production online at  Stropnicky was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program on Thursday.  You can hear that program online at  (Codi Jade)




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