Bull Run Neighborhood Project ongoing



LEWISBURG – You may have noticed some houses being demolished along Sixth Street in Lewisburg. It is all part of the Bull Run Neighborhood Project.


Sam Pearson, Elm Street Manager for Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation, says more houses will be coming down this summer, “The houses moving south along Sixth Street from Market Street right along the creek are in what is called the floodway. When there is a flood, the rushing waters of the creek actually hit the house. It is much more dangerous, those houses are more likely to experience severe loss and it is a much greater threat to health and safety.”


The plan is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency. Pearson says it is also a way to improve public space and create interconnectivity throughout town, “We are trying to connect the Bucknell campus to Market Street and Market Street to the Rail Trail. That project is in planning right now and has funding to connect from the railroad tracks on Market Street to the railroad right-of-way and over toward 8th Street where there will be a connection over Route 15. Ultimately, we are looking at how all of this, on the other side, can connect to the river.”


Pearson says the Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation has recently applied for a planning grant from DCNR that will help with the incorporation of Sixth Street into Hufnagle Park and plans beyond that. For more information on the project, you can go to lewisburgneighborhoods.org. (Sara Bartlett)



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