Burning issue arises in Milton

MILTON — A public hearing is coming up in Milton after residents have complained of illegal burning in the borough. Borough Manager Chuck Beck said, “Apparently some council people have been getting some complaints that we have residents that are burning material that is not allowed to be burned. The burn barrels are smoldering and it’s a nuisance to the neighbors.”

In Milton, you are allowed to burn paper, in a burn barrel, on Wednesdays and only items that can’t be recycled. Beck says Milton does a lot of recycling, so items that can be burned are limited. That’s why a hearing is planned.

Beck said, “We are going to be holding a public hearing to get input from the residents of the borough and it will be held on October 23, which is the second council meeting in October. This isn’t a meeting to take any action. This is just a meeting to get public input from the residents of the borough on the issue, before council decides what action, if any, they choose to take.”

Currently, police officers in Milton and code officers can issue citations to residents who are illegally burning, but Beck says it’s hard to know who is burning illegally. Beck said, Milton continues to lead the region in recycling efforts, with 34 percent of Northumberland County’s recycled material last year coming from Milton. (Ali Stevens)




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