Camp Mount Luther and other nonprofits to get help

SUNBURY — A new fundraiser promises to help many helpful organizations across the state.  Raise The Region 2013 is a unique giving event that supports local nonprofits.


Camp Mount Luther is just one of the 160 groups that will benefit from the fundraising event on March 12.  Chad Hershberger is the camp’s executive director.  He explained how important this fundraising event is for the nonprofit group.


“Any money that comes in to camp helps us to be able to provide programs and facilities for the community at reduced rates, and subsidize what it costs us to actually run the camp and run the programs that we do,” he said.


Hershberger said they are excited to have some help from the community this year, because it is a big year for Camp Mount Luther.  She said, “This year is our 50th birthday.  So we are doing a couple of things to celebrate that. The big event is our open house, meal and worship service on June 30.  It’s really been neat this year to take a look back at our history and how far we’ve come.  It’s also nice to take steps to get us ready for the next 50 years.”


Raise the Region is a 24-hour online fundraiser by the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania.  The goal is to “create powerful communities through passionate giving.” Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation is an event sponsor.  We will be talking to other nonprofit groups supported by this event in the upcoming days.  To learn more and to donate on March 12, log on to  (Codi Jade)





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