Candidate for controller wants ‘independent’ office

SUNBURY – A democratic candidate for Northumberland County Controller is hoping to make some changes if he is elected to the position. Chris Grayson is a business owner in Mount Carmel and also the borough tax collector. He graduated from Susquehanna University and started working for a prestigious auditing firm after graduation.

Grayson said, “After a couple of years with KPMG, working in their audit department, primarily on manufacturing and county government clients, I had the opportunity to purchase our family business in Mount Carmel. It’s a little corner grocery store at the corner of 4th and Chestnut Streets. I am currently still in operation for the past 18 years. I’m very proud of that. It’s been a rough turbulent environment at times and I’m still in business.”

Grayson said he would like to bring about change if elected as controller. He said, “We need to establish an independent environment between the controller, the controller’s department, and the commissioner’s office. I feel that wall has been broken and it’s my duty if elected to come in and establish that independent environment.”

Grayson adds that his experience as an auditor make him qualified for the job, along with his business background, where he is required to monitor expenditures. You can hear more from Grayson from WKOK’s Tuesday On The Mark program online at (Ali Stevens)




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