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SUNBURY – A Democratic candidate for Governor was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program today talking about a variety of topics including liquor privatization, transportation and gay marriage. John Hanger is a former secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection and a former commissioner of the Public Utility Commission. He is running on the Democratic ticket for Governor next year along with several other candidates.

Hanger was asked about his stance on liquor privatization. He said, “I personally would prefer to modernize and strengthen the state stores and not close them and privatize them. I think we should also remember that we’re talking about ending the small businesses that sell beer in the state. These are family owned businesses.”

Hanger also talked about transportation in the state. He explained, “I think it’s been a terrible mistake of the Governor to actually not follow his 2011 Transportation Advisory Commission recommendations. I’ll give him credit. He created the commission to look at our transportation needs. The commission came forward with a real plan. I’ve read it from the first word to the last. I think it’s an excellent piece of work. This Governor unfortunately let it sit on his desk for three construction seasons. There’s no Santa Claus that is going to come along and build our roads and bridges.”

He said it is critical that we invest in the state’s roads and bridges. He was also asked about his beliefs regarding gay marriage. Hanger said, “I just think this Governor has a terrible foot- in- mouth problem when it comes to these issues. I personally believe that you let people lead their own lives and if they are not harming you, it’s not your business. I personally believe that’s a question of liberty.”


You can hear more from John Hanger from Tuesday’s On The Mark program posted online at (Ali Stevens)

John Hanger on OTM

John Hanger on OTM



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