Candidate for US congress: America deserves more

SUNBURY — Sick of politics as usual? A candidate for U.S. Congress is asking that question. Nick Troiano of Milford, Pa is running as an independent candidate for U.S. Congress in the 10th district. He thinks America deserves something different.


“I’m running for congress and I’m in it to win at as an independent, citizen-funded candidate,” Troiano said. “Quite frankly because America deserves better than politics as usual. We have two parties that are bankrupting the country. They are unable to address any of the major sustainability challenges that we face. In my view, it is time for some leadership that isn’t beholden to either party or special interests who traditionally fund campaigns.”


Troiano hopes to unseat Republican Tom Marino (R-10th, Cogan Station), and he believes as an independent candidate he can. “Nationally about 42% of Americans now identify as independents. Over 60% believe that both parties are doing such a terrible job, that a third party is needed,” he said.


“People are really dissatisfied with the type of governance they’re seeing, and they are open to new options. So I am making my way across the district to introduce myself to voters and give them another option. I think people are going to be willing to take it by the time election day rolls around.”


Troiano says he is a ‘civic entrepreneur,’ graduated from Georgetown University with a Master’s Degree in American Government. You can learn more about him at He was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program Tuesday. (Codi Jade)

Nick Troiano



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