Cardiac wellness program at the YMCA

SUNBURY – A new cardiac wellness program will begin this month at the Sunbury YMCA.

Bonnie Wassmer is executive director of the Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA and tells us that they are kicking off a new cardiac wellness program to fill a need in the region.


Wassmer said, “If someone in our area does experience a heart attack, you go to cardiac rehab. Your doctor prescribes cardiac rehab in the hospital setting. When you are done as a patient in the hospital setting, there is really no step-down program to go to. We’ve had some conversations with folks at Sunbury Community Hospital and Evangelical Community Hospital about a program to meet that need. We are going to kick that off this month and call it the Cardiac Wellness Program.”


Wassmer explained how the program works. She said, “People can sign up on a monthly basis. We will monitor them. We have a nurse on staff that will be monitoring blood pressure. We will be talking with them about healthy living and healthy eating. Hannah, our fitness coordinator, will be working with them one-on-one on an exercise program.”


Wassmer says they have excellent opportunities for those recovering from a heart attack. She said, “We hope that they adapt to the Y because there’s a pool, there’s a walking track, there’s equipment they can use and there’s many classes they can participate in. It can become a way of life for them on a daily basis, so we are very excited about that.”


You can find out more about the cardiac wellness program by visiting the YMCA in Sunbury or by contacting Bonnie Wassmer at 286-5636. (Ali Stevens)




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