Casey favors a reasonable ban on military style weapons


WASHINGTON – Senator Bob Casey says they Senate is facing three votes on three different measures regarding gun control measures. He spoke about the upcoming votes to WKOK.


Casey said, “One is a reasonable ban on military style weapons. I would favor that. Two is a background check, which is probably the most bipartisan of the three. I will support a bill on background checks. Three is the so called magazine vote, which is a limitation on the number of bullets to 10. I think that is reasonable and I will vote for that as well.”


Casey said none of the three bills, in any way, infringe on the right to protect yourself. He says they also don’t infringe on the rights of hunters and sportsman. He said these three votes make sense and they should be passed.


He also spoke about the investment the federal government needs to make in law enforcement. He said they need to fully fund police programs, bulletproof vests and justice assistant grants so there is more assistance available to local law enforcement agencies. (Ali Stevens)




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