Charges going to court for teen shot by police

SUNBURY – All charges will go to court for a Sunbury teen accused of leading police on a high-speed chase and attempting to hit an officer with his vehicle.  District Judge Ben Apfelbaum also denied 17-year-old Naheem Reams a bail reduction at his preliminary hearing Tuesday.  Reams, who plead not guilty, faces a number of charges including felony aggravated assault for the June 5 incident in Sunbury.

During the preliminary hearing, District Attorney Tony Rosini called a Sunbury police officer and a Stonington state trooper to the stand to provide details of the night of the incident.  A letter from Reams to the Sunbury Police Department was also entered into evidence, where Reams apologized for his actions that night, took full responsibility and said, “The lesson I learned from this is indescribable.”

Reams’ public defender Tim Bowers attempted to dismiss two aggravated assault charges because Reams did not have intention to harm someone.  However, a judge denied that motion, agreeing with Rosini that Reams’ actions the night of the incident showed intent to harm.  Bowers also asked the judge to lower Reams’ $750,000 bail, but the judge determined that Reams was a significant flight risk and needed a secure bail.

During the June 5 incident, Reams was parked along 5th Street just after 1:00a.m. when Sunbury officers approached him to move his vehicle due to street sweeping.  It was then Reams fled the scene, leading police on a chase through town with speed in excess of 75 mph.  Reams also hit two police vehicles.  He also attempted to hit an officer with his vehicle, and it was then that the officer fired a shot at Reams.  Reams was taken to Geisinger Medical Center where he was treated for several weeks.  Blood tests show there was marijuana in Reams’ system.  A trial date will be set soon.  Reams remains in Northumberland County Prison. (Sara Bartlett)




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