Video Here: Charges to court for Jennifer Snook

Jennifer Snook escorted out of her preliminary hearing in Middleburg:

MIDDLEBURG – All charges will go to court for a Sunbury woman who was an accomplice to a Middleburg homicide.  Jennifer Snook had a preliminary hearing Friday.  Her charges, including 2nd degree murder, will be carried over to trial.  Snyder County District Attorney Michael Piecuch called this a “classic case of felony murder.”

“One of the points the defense attorney tried to make was that Jennifer was never in the grandparents’ home.  We concede that; there is no evidence she was in the home, but she doesn’t have to be,” says Piecuch.  “Like the getaway driver for a bank robbery that goes bad.  That person was part of a conspiracy to commit a felony.

Snyder County Public Defender Patrick Johnson, who is representing Jennifer Snook, argued that while his client did drive her husband Joshua Snook to his grandparents February 17, there was no evidence or testimony that proved Jennifer knew Joshua was going to break into his grandparents’ house, steal a gun or harm anyone inside.

“Why was she at the grandparents’ house at three in the morning,” Piecuch disagreed.  “Having been with Joshua for the confrontation at the bar, having heard him talk to his father on the phone explaining the plan with the gun.  The plans were to get a gun and it is not plausible now to for her to deny why she was there.  She knew exactly why she was there.”

A Selinsgrove State Police trooper and two Middleburg police officers testified at the preliminary hearing about their involvement in the incident.  Also detailed was a 911 phone call, which Joshua Snook’s grandfather Dale Snook placed after his wife Bonnie Snook had been stabbed by Joshua.  Heard on the 911 call are Dale and Joshua struggling and Dale telling Joshua to get out of the home because he needed to call for her for “Gram.”  During the struggle, Dale was also stabbed, sustaining serious injuries.  He has since been treated and released from the hospital.

Also at the preliminary hearing, Joshua Snook’s father, Jay Snook, took the stand.  Jay Snook says he received a call from his son the night of the murder, February 17.  Snook says his son was drunk and told him that he wanted to get a gun and shoot a man whom he had had an altercation with earlier in the evening at a Northumberland County bar.  By the end of the phone conversation, Jay Snook says his son had calmed down and told his father he would just go home and to bed.  Snook says his son said nothing about going to his grandparents’ house.  In addition, he said he did not truly believe his son was going to shoot anyone and therefore did not call police.  On the stand, Snook called his son a “hot head” saying, “he always says stupid stuff when he drinks.”  He also said there was a rule in the family that Joshua was not allowed at his grandparents’ home if he had been drinking.

Joshua Snook was not present, as his preliminary hearing was delayed.  He remains in jail without bail and a new preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 3.  Meanwhile, District Judge Lori Hackenberg ruled that there was enough sufficient evidence for all of Jennifer Snook’s charges to go to trial. (Sara Bartlett)






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