Childhood obesity can’t be solved by schools alone

SUNBURY — As childhood obesity is a growing concern across the nation, there is a lot of pressure on school districts.  Kevin Oswald, food service director for Selinsgrove and Lewisburg school districts, says the pressure is unfair.


“There’s 365 days in a year.  Students are actually in school for like 173 days,” he said.  “So if a student eats lunch every day for 173 days, what is a student eating when they’re not in school?  We don’t have control over that.  So, to blame school for obesity, I really don’t think that’s fair.”


Oswald said the government has been trying to implement new guidelines to solve childhood obesity, but the students do not seem to be enjoying it.  He said they can take away unhealthy foods and offer healthier choices, but that doesn’t mean the kids are going to eat it.


“We really do offer fresh fruits and hot vegetables every single day,” Oswald said.  “Fresh salads every single day.  Bottled spring water every single day.  There’s all kinds of great healthy things kids can have, but the USDA saying that students are obese and it’s because of school lunch is just ridiculous, if you ask me.”


Oswald was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program Thursday. You can hear more about this and other food service topics by listening to that program online at   (Codi Jade)
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