Hear the entire Vinny Clausi news conference

SUNBURY – Rick Shoch’s claims are ‘bizarre’ and ‘unacceptable. So said former Northumberland County Commissioner chairman Vinny Clausi today as he called a press conference today to respond to Richard Shoch’ s claim that Clausi should owe the county money.  Listen to the entire press conference here:

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Clausi said he wants to make peace and move forward. He said, “I tried. You know how many times I went to his office? I went to see him about three months ago and said ‘Rick let’s bury the hatchet. Let’s work for the people on Northumberland County.’ He said, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah,’ and then two days later he plays with your head and comes out with something else.”

Shoch has said that Clausi owes the county $6.7-million to cover possible losses associated with his behavior in the last five years. Clausi responded to the allegations, saying he was not in favor of the DCED grant funds program to begin with. Back in October of 2009 he did not vote for the program. When he was told onFebruary 2, 2012that the county may be required to repay some grant funds, he immediately took action to stop the program.

Clausi has been accused of wasting money by not contracting a new communications system. Bill Brown from 911 attended the conference. He said Clausi’s decision to wait on the new 911 systems was a wise one. He said the company they originally planned to go with was unreliable and refused to answer their questions.

Clausi defended his position in the lawsuit of two terminated Deputy Sheriffs in saying they watched pornography for many hours. He said, “I consider this breach of taxpayers trust.”

Clausi got emotional toward the end of the conference. He began to cry as he said, “This is not right. This guy has been mentally abusing me. That is wrong. I’m sorry it’s wrong. I can not take anymore.” Clausi is recovering from surgery and intended to take 3 weeks off to recuperate, but due to Mr. Shoch’s accusations, he said he was forced to call a press conference. (Codi Jade)



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