Climate Change an issue for future generations

SUNBURY – Is Climate Change detrimental to our future?  Two local environmentalists say we may escape it, but it is our children we need to look out for. Jack Miller and Nicole Faraguna are environmental bloggers that believe Climate Change is inevitable if the world continues on the same path.


Miller said, “I think we’re in trouble.  Somebody at my age, I’ll probably escape most of it.  My concern is, our children and grandchildren.  You can’t say you love your children without being concerned about their future.”


Faraguna agreed.  She said, “We have released 1400 gigatons of carbon into the air already, and scientists say we have a budget of about 500 additional gigatons before we change the climate picture.”


Miller said he thinks placing a tax on carbon could be one way of redirecting the world’s current path.  “I don’t care what your political views are.  Maybe you don’t like the government regulating things, but if we had a carbon tax, then there would be an economic incentive.  The markets would work to get carbon out of the atmosphere.”


You can read more of Miller and Faraguna’s views at  They were guests on WKOK’s On The Mark program Tuesday.  You can hear that program online at  (Codi Jade)




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